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PERCY SIMELANE: Every King’s Spokesperson who refuses to speak to the People’s publication will become irrelevant.

Tuesday, 5th April, 2022

Percy Simelane was appointed the Spokesperson in the King’s Office but until now, King Mswati is struggling to restore his reputation after killing dozens of civilians during the June massacre.

Mswati’s Government's strategy was that they would refuse speaking to this publication and subsequently set lawyers on us while mitigating the damage of their actions using the State controlled media.

But as you read this, King Mswati’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane is irrelevant, until he realizes which publication now controls the court of public opinion, he will remain irrelevant.

Power belongs to the people and once the masses endorse their own publication, even if you don’t like it, you are left with no choice but to comply with the will of the people and address the masses through that platform.

I have noted that some Public Relations Officers(PRO) like Phindile Vilakati and the entire Government still believe that when we seek comments,we are begging them, a public officer has a legal obligation to account to the people through the media.

Those Spokespersons who decide not to speak to us, only to intimidate us with lawyers are wasting their time,we rather end in the Constitutional Court defending the freedom of the media and by that time Mswati’s reputation would be gone.

Percy Simelane will continue to be a ‘statue’ until this Government or Mswati realizes that power is no longer controlled by the State controlled media.

We will not force any Spokesperson to speak to us but those who decide to keep quiet will soon realize that refusing to comment while holding a public office will never stop us from publishing the truth.

I know the strategy of the Government, by refusing to comment, they thought by so doing they would be burying this publication so that it could be portrayed as a publication that publishes one sided articles.

Unfortunately, they won’t succeed, we will never get tired of sending questionnaires to those involved before publishing, those who refuse to comment will become irrelevant like Percy Simelane who is enjoying his post pension employment at the King’s office for doing nothing.

PERCY SIMELANE: Every King’s Spokesperson who refuses to speak to the People’s publication will become irrelevant.
Percy Simelane-King’s office Spokesperson.