• Breaking News – TOURISM MINISTRY PRINCIPAL SECRETARY KHANGEZIWE MABUZA:I am not resigning,ngatsi ngigejwe nayi-reshuffle.
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inside Shakantu’s Clinic Group.

Tuesday, 5th April, 2022

Mr Dlamini Martin Zweli.I would like to thank you for your efforts of standing for the people of this country Swaziland.

As per the article you wrote about the resigned doctors at the Clinic Group, you were correct. 

Not only Dr Phiri but also in Mbabane Clinic we lost Dr Magwaza, Dr Dlamini and Dr Ndlovu.We as nurses there we are also looking at ways on how we can leave this Shakantu company. 

We are being treated like thrush as nurses. The Clinic has introduced that all their friends(VIPs) should be treated differently. 

As far as I know, all patients should be treated equally according to our profession. But now, if their friends come we should leave other patients to attend to these so called VIPs.If we make mistakes, we are threatened to be fired.

We are professionals here we are not nannies.We need to enjoy our profession in the health industry, but with this. No.  That is why we are leaving for overseas if we don't get hired around the country. 

Keep on serving the Swazi nation Nkhosi. God will reward you for doing the right thing. And also what you should know is that, no lies will stand against the truth. They (Shakantu and friend) will suffer for their wrong doings. 

Concerned nurse at The Clinic Group.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inside Shakantu’s Clinic Group.
Mbabane Clinic