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KING MSWATI:Let them fight each other,I have enough money to survive for the next 25 years.

Saturday, 9th April, 2022

LOBAMBA: King Mswati allegedly told his royal guards that the bombing of Prince Sicalo’s home was not a problem at all for him as he had enough money to survive together with his children for the next twenty-five (25) years.

An intercepted telephone conversation in our possession between a royal guard who works closely with Mswati and an un-identified woman revealed that King Mswati was happy to see Swazis fighting among themselves with others protecting him.

“Now he is very angry, utsi umlilo emlilweni angitsi nibasa umlilo. Utsi yena nyalo if umuntfu avikela sikhumba sakhe, akube khona lodubulako kube khona lovikela liso, iso-ngeso, ikhomba-khombane(meaning) He says fire-to-fire because there are those who want fire.He  says if there is someone protecting himself, others must shoot,an eye for an eye.No kunenkhani kakhulu kulamalanga, but nje imisebenti kutawutsi citsi saka, umsebenti yincumbi, phela sekuthayimile, uyati kutsiteni nyalo? Kutahle nje kunikhumbuta kutsi kuyacasha emaphoyiseni, kucashe ema-warder, kucashe ema-sotja, nibuye phansi. Angitsi angasho njalo niyahlonipha(meaning)These days he is very angry but he will systematically calm them down by issuing jobs advertisements for the police, Correctional Services and the army so that the people could respect him hoping to get jobs,” said the royal guard who escorts the King.

The name of the royal guard is known to this publication, however, it cannot be revealed for ethical reasons.

Thabile Mdluli, the Deputy Government Spokesperson had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

In the intercepted telephone conversation, the royal guard further spoke about a plot to make the Swaziland Liberation Movement(SWALIMO) and the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO)  fight each other.

“Nyalo kufuna kucabane i-SWALIMO  ne-PUDEMO kulamalanga, ngenteka icabane kulona leliviki lesitalicala. Angitsi bangabambana baba yimphi lembi.(meaning) We are expecting SWALIMO and PUDEMO to fight each other and the fight is expected to start next week”,said the royal guard.

When the woman asked the King’s body guard how would the fight between the two political organizations be triggered, the guard said he was not aware but this was mentioned by the King.

Reached for comments, Wandile Dludlu,the Secretary General of the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO) said what was allegedly said by the royal guard was a true reflection of a system that was self-serving.

“On the issue of him having more money to survive, we are not surprised because that is a true reflection of the system that is self serving while oppressing the majority of the Swazis. The plot to set progressive organizations being PUDEMO and SWALIMO will not work because the name of PUDEMO is self-explanatory, we are the “people’s united movement”, we have worked and united political organizations in the pro-democracy movement”, said the PUDEMO Secretary General.

Speaking to this publication, Gift Dlamini, the SWALIMO Deputy Secretary General said they were aware of the plot by the regime to create division between SWALIMO and PUDEMO.

“We received many calls from the police sources warning us to be careful of PUDEMO leaders because they want to eliminate our President Gawuzela, but we later realized that this was their strategy to create division among the political parties,” said the SWALIMO Deputy Secretary General.

KING MSWATI:Let them fight each other,I have enough money to survive for the next 25 years.
King Mswati