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Detective Sibongseni Mkhabela shoots school children for hosting end of year party.

Sunday, 10th April, 2022

SITEKI: Police Detective Sibongseni Mkhabela who is based at Siteki Police Station allegedly shot Lubombo Central High School children for hosting an end of year party.

It has been disclosed that Lubombo Central High School Form five (5) student Richard Themba Ndlovu(18) was allegedly shot by Detective Mkhabela on the spinal code at or near Siteki Power Station on 02 April 2022 around twelve(12) midnight, Ndlovu was traveling with other students who attended the end of year party.

Reached for comments, John Ndlovu, the father to the now disabled student confirmed the shooting of his son adding that the police later came back and harassed him, demanding the bullet that was removed by doctors from his son’s body.

“It’s true that the police shot my son who was from attending a school end of year party. He was shot on the back and the police later harassed me demanding the bullet that removed by doctors from my son’s body saying they wanted to conduct investigations. But I managed to take pictures of the bullet”, he said.

The police officer, Detective Sibongseni Mkhabela who allegedly shot the student is operating a transport business, a fleet of Quantums trading under “Slabela Transport”.

It has been gathered that the police officer’s Quantums are servicing Siteki-Manzini and Simunye-Siteki routes.

Police Spokesperson Superintendent Phindile Vilakati had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

Reached for comments, resigned cop Sergeant Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe said she was aware of the matter adding that the purpose of grabbing the bullet was to destroy evidence.

Reached for comments, Detective Sibongseni Mkhabela denied shooting the student.

“Batsi udubuleke kuphi lomntfwana? (Meaning: Where was the child shot?) I am not aware of this but I will enquire about it and get back to you,”said the police officer.

On another note, John Ndlovu, the father to student who was shot thanked the Swaziland Solidarity Fund for donating groceries and money to his son.

Reached for comments, Gugulethu Makhanya, the ground team leader of the Swaziland Solidarity Fund confirmed visiting the student who was shot.

“We gathered that the children were from a school end of year party and were dropped by a school transport in town. While walking home, they saw a police vehicle and without suspecting anything, they continued to walk. While walking, the police started firing bullets and the children ran away, unfortunately Richard Ndlovu was already shot”, she said.

Detective Sibongseni Mkhabela shoots school children for hosting end of year party.
Detective Sibongseni Mkhabela and the student Richard Ndlovu.