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Resigned Army Commander wanted to kill editor, ex-senior cop Cebile Shongwe tells South African High Court.

Tuesday, 12th April, 2022

MPUMALANGA: Sergeant Cebile Shongwe, the resigned eSwatini senior police officer has signed an affidavit with the High Court of South Africa confirming that former Army Commander Lieutenant General Jeffery Shabalala wanted to kill Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini.

The editor is involved in a legal battle with King Mswati and his Government over the ongoing publication of critical articles, the affidavit by the former senior cop comes after Mswati and his Government through their lawyer Brain Kahn denied any plot to kill the editor.

“I was during the period of April 2021 to August 2021 involved personally with former eSwatini Army Commander Lieutenant General Jeffery Shabalala. I was, at the time, still a police officer. I during the said period learned from the former Army Commander Lieutenant General Shabalala that the eSwatini Government had issued instructions for Mr Zweli Martin Dlamini’s assassination. This was conveyed to me during a lengthy discussion which I had recorded, in the recording, the former Army Commander referred to Mr Dlamini as Zwemart. The aforesaid recording is in the public domain and should such be required, a copy as well as a transcript thereof can be provided. After I had made the recording of this information, I informed Mr Dlamini thereof, in an attempt to alert him thereof. I believe that this led to him evading the eSwatini Government’s planned attempt to assassinate him. I also fled from eSwatini and am currently in South Africa. This was achieved through the assistance of an international human rights organisation which I cannot disclose without seeking a permission from them”, reads the affidavit in part, signed by the former senior police officer.

On another note, Swaziland News editor, Zweli Martin Dlamini, in his affidavit, said he refused to meet a stranger who identified himself as a Sheriff seeking to serve him with court papers because of the threats to his life, Dlamini added that he would continue with avoiding strangers. 

This comes after Mswati’s lawyer accused the editor of avoiding to be served with the papers with an intention of delaying the court process.

The matter is pending before the High Court  of South Africa, Mpulamalanga division.

Resigned Army Commander wanted to kill editor, ex-senior cop Cebile Shongwe tells South African High Court.
Former Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala.