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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SCOT corruption on students’ refunds

Wednesday, 13th April, 2022

Dear Editor

Please intervene, we as students of ECOT, who have just finished studying in the year 2021 have complaints about the college's operational system.
The college promised to refund us our accommodation fees, unfortunately some students even today didn't get their refunds. In some courses they did receive but only a few did while with other courses not even one student received a cent.
We tried contacting our bursar, the only thing she says is 'some students don't qualify for the refunds’, and our question is how because almost the whole school was registered on camp  during 2020? Can they please clarify on that and bring back our money.
Most institutions of higher learning have already issued Academic Achievements (certificates) to their students and are now job hunting, with ECOT we hear nothing absolutely nothing and we are concerned as to why are they punishing us? and what have we done?
Mr editor our lives are stuck without those diplomas. We were enrolled for the year 2018-2021, only 3 years not 4 years so we cannot wait the whole 2022 like we were doing degree. 
Please editor, intervene, we're tired.
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SCOT corruption on students’ refunds
Eswatini College of Technology(ECOT)