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Mswati, the unqualified University Chancellor who hates education.

Thursday, 28th April, 2022

King Mswati, the unqualified University of Eswatini(UNESWA)Chancellor has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he hates education such that he opted to loot scholarships and monies meant to develop the various institutions of higher learning.

It is not a serious issue that King Mswati does not qualify to be a University Chancellor but as a Head of State, he was supposed to at least, pursue short courses on Leadership, Politics and or Corporate Governance so that he can fully understand the basic principles of both corporate governance and public administration.

King Mswati is an ignorant capitalist who doesn’t understand the intersection between education, the economy and politics.

Education is the basic foundation that capacitate human resources with skills to enhance social and economic development.

As the situation stands, it is very difficult to reason with Mswati because his mind is empty, since the creation of  human beings, it has always been difficult to reason with an ignorant person.

Mswati is, and remains a serious problem in this country, he elevated ignorant people into positions of authority because he doesn’t like to be questioned.

It is for these reasons that he opted to promote a culture of loyalty and misled Swazis into believing that wearing Simohlwana(a traditional neck-lace) is a symbol of intelligence.

Now, university students and their Lecturers are complaining after Mswati looted all resources meant to develop the education system particularly the institutions of higher learning, in the process, he is destroying the future of this country.

Even in the media industry it is very hard now to find a highly skilled journalist because the standard of education has declined.

It started when Mswati’s Government decided to stop awarding scholarships to journalism students among others, the intention was to destroy the media that was critical at the time.

What followed thereafter, was the reduction of students allowances, this was done by a man who calls himself a University Chancellor while destroying the education system.

It should be noted that from primary level, secondary, up to the institutions of higher learning, the education system is under extreme attack by Mswati.

Schools are struggling due to the shortage of teachers and working equipment, the challenges faced by Lecturers and students within the various universities are an extension of an ongoing attack by Mswati on the  education system.

In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to state that this country is being destroyed by a Head of State who hates education, he wants people to be ignorant so that they can worship and  portray him as god.

Indeed, some Swazis believe that Mswati is the sun(uLilanga), the ocean(uLwandle Lolukhulu) and all the types of imaginary ‘nonsense’ suggesting that he has the power to control the atmosphere and create rain.

This country once experienced a drought, livestock died and people were in need of food aid, Mswati who is believed to be controlling the atmosphere was in the country wishing that it could rain like all ordinary citizens.

Mswati’s followers would always believe this nonsense and the King would continue to deprive people education so that they believe things that only exist in the world of imagination.

In light of the aforementioned, it is therefore important to emphasize that Mswati is not the sun or the ocean, he is just a useless ‘low minded’ King who is destroying this country with impunity. Shame on You, Your Majesty!

Mswati, the unqualified University Chancellor who hates education.
King Mswati.