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E14billion circulating in eSwatini public procurement

Wednesday, 6th November, 2019

EZULWINI: About E14billion is circulating within the eSwatini Public Procurement, however the Small and Medium Enterprise benefits only E2billion.

Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini said a research was conducted that revealed that this amount was circulating within the public procurement. The PM was speaking during the Eswatini Public Procurement Indaba Gala Dinner held at the Royal Swazi Ezulwini.

 “Government is a major player in public procurement. Research has shown that the value of public procurement stood at E14million last year and this means a sizable percentage of our budget goes to the public procurement which plays a major role in national development” said the PM

The sentiments of the PM were supported by Mangaliso Mohammed, the Research Fellow within the Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ESEPPRA). 

“About E14billion is currently circulating within the public procurement in eSwatini but surprisingly the SMEs benefits only E2billion, the large amount goes to the big companies. There’s a great need to encourage Swati companies to participate and benefit as well” he said.

ESEPPRA CEO Madoda Mngomezulu said public procurement could be used to attain national objectives and further address socio-economic issues.

“It can be used to influence socio-economic issues and further stabilize the economy” said CEO.

Minister of Finance Neal Rijikernburg who introduced the Prime Minister during the event also emphasized the importance of public procurement in the country. He said with government facing financial challenges, he was confident that with the support of the public they will achieve economic recovery.

“I am confident that as government, with your support, we will be able to achieve the economic recovery” said the Finance Minister.


E14billion circulating in eSwatini public procurement
Prim Minister Ambrose Dlamini with Finance Minister Neal Rijkernburg