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SCHOLARSHIPS CRISIS: Release our money to the University students Your Majesty!!

Friday, 29th April, 2022

It is important to remind Mswati and his business partner Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg that the money demanded by University students as allowances is our money.

Even though I am not in eSwatini, about two months ago I was doing projects both personally and Charity in various Constituencies that cost about Two Hundred Thousand Rands(R200,000.00).

Whenever I analyse the building material receipts with the Value Added Tax(VAT), the money I paid to Mswati’s Government as tax is over Twenty Thousand Rands(R20,000.00) in just two months.

As if that is not enough, civil servants contribute millions to public coffers through Income Tax and or Pay as You Earn(PAYE) and VAT.

It is therefore important to remind Mswati that the money demanded by the University students as allowances is not his money but our money, I have proof of receipts suggesting that I am taxpayer and I am contributing serious money to Government.

Anyone who believes that when we criticize Mswati we are rebels must receive political counseling, this man is stealing our money and we will expose him until he takes his last breath. 

When it comes to tax, Mswati collects money even from those calling for democratic reforms but he does want to account for the taxes he collects from us as citizens of this country.

The false narrative suggesting that Government is doing a favour by awarding scholarships to students amounts to absolute nonsense, this is not Mswati’s money and we will put pressure on Government until he releases the money for students allowances.

I am writing critical articles against Mswati not only in my capacity as a journalist but a taxpayer and most of the time, I keep receipts of the thousands of VAT that goes to the coffers of this corrupt regime.

I work hard for my money and I want my tax to be used in paying salaries for health workers, teachers, scholarships and elderly grants among others. 

Indeed, I want government to use my tax and that of other Swazis and provide free sanitary pads for vulnerable women and fund free education.

But above all, I am demanding that Government pays grants to the unemployed youth including graduates so that they can survive while looking for jobs. 

In should be noted that I am not begging Mswati to do this, he must use the taxes we pay.

As mentioned,  this is not Mswati’s money, it’s our money.

SCHOLARSHIPS CRISIS: Release our money to the University students Your Majesty!!
King Mswati.