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Editor donates his R12000.00 MISA payment for SNUS Secretary General scholarship.

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022

MBABANE: Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini has donated his Twelve Thousand Rands (R12,000.00) Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) consultancy payment to cater for the scholarship of Wakhile Lukhele, the Secretary General of the Swaziland National Union of Students(SNUS). 

Dlamini was engaged as a Media Consultant by MISA to conduct a research and compile a report on media freedom in eSwatini, he has since donated all the money to fund Lukhele's education.

MISA is a regional media organization that promotes media pluralism and diversity, its Head Offices are based in Zimbabwe.

“This assistance is not a loan but we are investing on future leaders. I did a research about Wakhile and I was speaking to his landlord who told me that he is a very humble young man who respects elders. We were actually talking about issues of rent, on how we can assist and after receiving information that Lukhele is a humble and respectful young man, I decided to add more to assist on his tuition fees”, said the editor.

Dlamini urged other businessmen and Swazis who can afford, to at least pick one University student and assist them adding that they were struggling after being dumped by Government. 

“I appeal to every Swazi locally and abroad who can afford, to at least assist one University student in any institution even if they are not related to them. Government has dumped the students and we might have a serious shortage of skilled human resources in the coming democratic Government”, said the editor.

Wakhile Lukhele, the Students Union Secretary General thanked the editor for the assistance and encouraged him to continue assisting other students and Swazis.

“We are struggling after this Government neglected us and it’s encouraging to see that as Swazis we are taking care of each other”, he said. 

Reached for comments, Colani Maseko, the President of the Swaziland National Union of Students(SNUS) said most students were struggling and without food adding that others were suicidal because of the situation.He urged other businesspeople to assist University students with the little they have so they could  continue surviving. 

“University students are struggling, others were telling me today that they intend committing suicide because they don’t know what to do now, no rent, no food”, said the Students Union President.

Editor donates his R12000.00 MISA payment for SNUS Secretary General scholarship.
SNUS Secretary General Wakhile Lukhele.