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Women rights organizations meet MPs, want abortion legalized.

Tuesday, 10th May, 2022

MBABANE: Women rights organizations met with Members of Parliament(MPs)at Sibayeni Lodge, Matsapha on Monday to discuss provisions of the proposed Health Bill 2022.

These organisations include:SAFAIDS, SWAGAA, One Billion Rising, Women Unlimited, Journey of Hope for girls and women Eswatini, Liphimbo Labomake, Gender Links, CANGO, SNUS and FLAS.

Reached for comments, One Billion Rising Africa Coordinator Colani Hlatswako who was speaking on behalf of the organizations said they were concerned about the risks associated with unsafe abortion fueled by “conscientious objection” for religious or moral reasons.

“Unplanned pregnancies, fear of rejection by partner, the scourge of gender based violence in the country, these has resulted to a significant impact on maternal mortality rates or put lives in danger,”he said.

The One Billion Rising Coordinator said most women and girls resort to unsafe abortion when carrying a pregnancy that cause substantial pain or suffering.

“People also suffer from the physical and mental health risks associated with unsafe abortions. As organisations we want to make it known to Parliament that unsafe abortion affects both women and men, however, women are affected the most. Based on the above we call for legal, safe and accessible abortion for all women and girls,” said the One Billion Rising Coordinator.

Women rights organizations meet MPs, want abortion legalized.
Women rights organizations want abortion legalized.