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Who elected you as Head of State Your Majesty?

Wednesday, 18th May, 2022

The ongoing abduction of human rights defenders and killing of civilians allegedly, by King Mswati who was never elected by the people to be a Head of State is very disturbing.

As a result,the process of removing him from power should be our priority as Swazis.

Perhaps, it is important to remind Mswati that regardless of branding and re-branding this political system, the fact that he was never elected by the people means eSwatini is not democratic.

Under a democratic dispensation, the people enjoy the right to elect their own government including a Head of State, who elected King Mswati and he won with how many votes?

Now, Mswati is refusing to hold a political dialogue and surrender power because he can’t imagine life without the billions he is currently stealing from public coffers, but it seems like he might lose everything trying to protect everything.

Information reached this publication that Mswati tried to facilitate visits to other countries, but some governments that sympathize with Swazis rejected him except for his allies in India and few others.

This means as the political unrest intensifies with the news of human rights violations spreading across the world, King Mswati might be stranded or have some of his billions including assets frozen.

It’s surprising that King Mswati when asked why he refuses to hand over power, he always justifies himself that Swazis particularly in the rural areas love him, if Mswati is confident that Swazis love him, he must call a referendum.

The mere fact that we are able to get secrets about Mswati through information supplied by his trusted body guards means he is losing power.

After all,the King was never elected by the people and now he is postponing a political dialogue because he is buying more time to unleash the army to brutalize those calling for democratic reforms.

I can assure you Your Majesty that these strategies were used by other dictators before, but today, we are reading about them in the history books.

Before you fall or become Prince Phikolwezwe’s ancestor, because as nature suggests eventually, you will, you must know that you were consistently reminded you that you were never elected by the people. 

But in conclusion and in light of the aforementioned,you have no option Your Majesty other than proving me wrong by telling the world, how many votes you accumulated during elections to be a Head of State?.

Most Swazis are intelligent and whenever they secure employment in other countries, they become successfully.

But in eSwatini, intellectuals are forced to ‘walk’ with their buttocks to demonstrate respect to a man who doesn’t deserve any respect.

Democratically elected Heads of State always strive to deliver services to the people so secure votes in future elections.

 But Mswati believes he was born to rule over us with no pressure to improve the lives of the people, he must be removed from the Throne.

Who elected you as Head of State Your Majesty?
King Mswati