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Mr Chief Justice, here is part of the evidence substantiating that you are corrupt.

Sunday, 22nd May, 2022

In this article we have attached a pay-slip of Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala to substantiate our previous story where we alleged that he defrauded Government over R1million in housing allowances.

Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala fraudulently benefits over fifteen thousand Rands(R15,000.00) every month and or about two hundred thousand(R200,000.00) every year as housing allowance despite the fact that he was allocated a house by Government at the Judges Complex.

The house at the Judges Complex is currently occupied by one of Maphalala’s many wives.

It should be noted that the R200,000.00 allegedly defrauded by the CJ every year, when calculated since he took over as Head of the Judiciary amounts to over R1million.

We noted through the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court in the case of incarcerated pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube that Judges complained of being scandalized adding that the Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala was not spared.

We have decided to publish the evidence substantiating that CJ Maphalala is corrupt and we challenge any Judge who has been exposed by this publication and felt scandalized to challenge us through a court of law so that we can publish and reveal more evidence regarding the corruption within judiciary.

When we say “documentary evidence in our possession” when writing investigative articles, we mean just that.

Honorable Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala, kindly find attached your pay-slip exposing how you defrauded taxpayers through an undue housing allowance.

Mr Chief Justice, here is part of the evidence substantiating that you are corrupt.
A payslip belonging to Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.