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King Mswati must be made to live in exile inside his own glittering Palaces.

Thursday, 26th May, 2022

King Mswati must never enjoy peace until he relinquishes power to the people.

As Swazis who were forced into exile by Mswati’s regime, we must do everything we can to ensure that the King and those who oppress the people do not enjoy peace inside eSwatini through endless calls for democratic reforms.

It is one of the greatest achievements to see Mswati demonstrating reluctance to travel to other countries, knowing that he could be dethroned in absentia.

Mswati thinks we are fools that we would allow him to leave scout free to hide in other countries. 

The only option we have now is to give him an endless political headache and make him feel like he is living in exile in his own glittering Palaces.

Indeed, Swazis must not allow the King to enjoy peace while killing innocent civilians, the calls for democratic reforms must be intensified for him to understand that we are human beings who deserve to live in a democratic country.

Mswati is a tourist, he likes traveling to other countries to spend public funds but the political situation in this country has grounded him, it has been two years now since Mswati became grounded.

Writing articles while in exile knowing that Mswati is also frustrated gives me a peace of mind, Mswati must never be allowed to enjoy peace while oppressing us, as Swazis.

Calls for democratic reforms must be intensified until he surrenders power to the people.

King Mswati must be made to live in exile inside his own glittering Palaces.
King Mswati and one of the diplomats.