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VOC on the right track in praying for peace in the country.

Sunday, 5th June, 2022

Peace is very precious, once lost it is very hard to find.

As mentioned in my previous articles,King Mswati must guard against using his security forces to promote a culture of violence, as Swazis while we differ in political opinions, we must strive to promote peaceful engagements to resolve our political differences.

Rev Zachariah Mthethwa of the Voice of the Church(VOC) is a very wise leader who,at all times, has been advocating for programs that seek to promote Christianity, peace and stability in the country.

Perhaps, let me declare that I am a former presenter of the Country Gospel Music programme of the VOC FM,Reverend Zachariah Mthetwa played a significant role that resulted in me presenting the programme.

I was later forced to abandon the programme after crossing the border to exile because of my political beliefs.

But then, seeing Mthethwa organizing prayers that seek to promote peace and stability in this country is very encouraging. 

Any sane Swazi who loves this country should be worried about the current state of political affairs.

I first met Rev Zachariah Mthethwa while he was holding an influential position at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology during a press conference in 2012.

He demonstrated his leadership skills while addressing the media, this was in the midst of protests within the institution of higher learning.

As a Christian myself,I always feel motivated when seeing leaders praying for peace, we are all concerned about the state of political affairs in this country.

We wish we had a King who understands that we really love this country but we cannot tolerate political nonsense.

Any religious leader who advocates for peace will receive our support as the media because, at the end, we want to see peace and stability in our country.

Therefore, we urge the Voice of the Church(VOC) to continue organizing prayer services that seek to promote peace and stability.

During these prayer services, religious leaders must express themselves on how they think the current crisis could be resolved 

After all, we must understand that we are spiritual beings, we need prayers, we need peace and stability in our country.

We hope those in power will not misinterpret peace as silence, we need peace under a democratically elected Government.

 VOC on the right track in praying for peace in the country.
VOC National Director Zachariah Mthetwa.