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Why State journalists were sidelined in Government Spokesperson’s appointment.

Monday, 6th June, 2022

State journalists were scrambling for the well-paying and highly influential position of Government Spokesperson but were sidelined because King Mswati had his own candidate.

Alpheous Nxumalo, the newly appointed Government Spokesperson was not even among the list of those vying for the position but he passed the vetting by State intelligence agencies as a suitable candidate to defend the State and promote relations between Government and members of the public.

Upon realizing that Mswati was worried about the critical articles published by this online publication, State journalists dedicated their energy on defending the King while scandalizing me in the process, by so doing, they thought the King would consider them for that position and other political appointments.

Mswati has a strong intelligence team that vets candidates before political appointments, praising the King, wearing emahiya and emajobo even when temperatures are low does not automatically qualify propagandists to be appointed by the absolute Monarch.

Mswati might have his own weaknesses but with over thirty(30) years of experience as a King, he knows that some propagandists praised him not because they loved and supported him but they wanted money and favours.

I was so lucky to be very close to Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, the then Prime Minister,at times while we had a meeting at the Cabinet offices at night,the Intelligence Unit would come to brief him about what was happening in the country.

State journalists think allocating a full page praising Mswati might earn them a political post, NO, there’s is a Unit that monitors the conduct of those who might be appointed and be close to the King.

This unit even visits your home area to gather more information about you and compile a report before briefing King Mswati.

It is therefore, important for State journalists to understand that scandalizing people perceived to be enemies of the State will never put food on their table, King Mswati is aware that people want democracy but he is buying time.

Advocating for democracy does not mean you are an enemy of the King or the State, Mswati knows what to do, he must surrender power to the people.

Alpheous Nxumalo, the newly appointed Government Spokesperson was thrown into the political dustbin by a powerful syndicate that includes Sthofeni Ginindza, the then Swazi Observer Board Chairman.

Nxumalo has been struggling for over five(5) years, but because Mswati knows his intellectuals, he has been recalled and rewarded with the most powerful position.

The Government Spokesperson position is highly influential, it means you speak on behalf of the State and manage the reputation of the country locally and internationally.

One Government Spokesperson made a mistake by avoiding questions from this publication thinking he would speak to journalists of his choice, I wrote an article warning that Mswati might remove him from that position.

This position suggests that you must respond and clarify even a social media post if it threatens the reputation of the State or Government.

Mswati is a strong follower of this Swaziland News that why he ran to South African courts challenging this publication and the editor.

This is where he is able to monitor articles about him that threaten his Throne, other publications that praise him are not a threat to him.

Mswati has been betrayed several times by people who claimed they loved him, they contributed to his downfall by misleading him. 

Perhaps now, he may wish to be surrounded by people who will tell him the truth, however, it’s too late,people were made to believe that you must praise the King to climb the political ladder.

Therefore,the appointment of Alpheous Nxumalo should be a lesson to all State journalists that this regime knows their intellectuals, don’t try to impress it by scandalizing the pro-democracy movement.

Why State journalists were sidelined in Government Spokesperson’s appointment.
Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.