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State Intelligence, calls for democracy and Mswati’s army recruitment exercise.

Wednesday, 15th June, 2022

The ongoing army recruitment exercise is part of a State Intelligence project to manipulate the youth and diffuse the ongoing calls for democratic reforms.

State Intelligence is an institution within the State Security Agency(SSA) that monitors threats against a country be it politically, socially or economically.

But in eSwatini, this institution monitors those calling for democratic reforms.

Poverty and the high unemployment rate among the youth allegedly contributed to a political unrest.

It is therefore, part of intelligence to keep the youth busy with physical fitness while avoiding criticism directed to the King on online platforms with the hope that they might secure employment in the army or other State security institutions.

In this regard, intelligence ‘language’ describes the ongoing army recruitment exercise as “counter-intelligence” being an activity that seeks to diffuse the ongoing calls for democratic reforms.

Counter-intelligence is conducted after another wing of the Intelligence Unit that detects threats made some recommendations in their report, it’s not always easy to identify the implementation of a counter-intelligence strategy unless you are privileged to access highly classified State information.

It’s true that this State intelligence strategy will divide the youth and diffuse the ongoing calls for democratic reforms but it remains a short term strategy that might backfire once the youth realize that there were no jobs in the first place, it was just a counter-intelligence activity.

Now, it’s even possible that if Mswati can call Sibaya, some youth members can side with the King and shout ‘Bayethe’ on top of their voices with the hope that those in power might recognize them for employment. 

Indeed, the whole month of June 2022, a percentage of the unemployed youth might put on-hold political activism to focus on the ongoing army recruitment and I am tempted to say, this time, King Mswati’s intelligence managed to temporarily diffuse the calls for democratic reforms.

It’s very difficult to blame the youth for participating in the ongoing recruitment exercise, the onus is upon pro-democracy  leaders to enlighten young people so that they could understand that Mswati is using poverty to manipulate them.

State intelligence is a silent but powerful institution that influences decision, the mere fact that the army recruitment is receiving more mileage in the State controlled media houses is part of intelligence.

The role of the State controlled media in this counter-intelligence activity is to report widely about the highly questionable army recruitment exercise and portray it as legitimate in the eyes of the unsuspecting Swazis.

State Intelligence, calls for democracy and Mswati’s army recruitment exercise.
King Mswati.