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EDITOR WRITES OPEN LETTER:Dear Deputy National Commissioner Richard Mngometulu.

Friday, 17th June, 2022

I am writing this open letter with regards to your sentiments where you allegedly threatened to deal with anyone who will protest in this country.

Perhaps, let me bring to your attention that protesting is a Constitutional right, this open letter comes after you, together with other members of the Executive Command summoned Sibongile Mazibuko, the Chairperson of the Political Parties Assembly(PPA) where you made the threats.

Let me advise you Mr Mngometulu that threats from a killer cannot be taken lightly, you are part of an institution that killed dozens of civilians not to mention the Swazis you personally tortured to death during interrogations. 

I believe the threats you made against Swazis who are genuinely demanding democracy will be taken seriously by the citizens, considering the fact that they came from a killer who told Students Union President Colani Maseko during an interrogation that “as police officers, we are not afraid to kill”.

Mr Mngomezulu,in a war, its either you kill or get killed, don’t perpetrate a civil war in this country.

As an old man who is recovering from stroke, the young people you are busy shooting, might cause pain to you in your last years on earth.

It’s not in the interest of national security for a senior officer to threaten Swazis considering the fact that dozens of civilians have been killed since the unrest started.

I therefore, urge or advise you to withdraw the threats with immediate effect.

The Southern African Development Community(SADC)made recommendations to Mswati on how to restore peace and stability in this country, read that document and advise accordingly.

A meaningful and inclusive political dialogue is the solution not police brutality.

Mr Mngometulu, it is stupidity of the highest order to even dream of peace in this country while other Swazis are in exile with pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) languishing in jail, that will never happen Sir. 

You will run from the east to the west, from north to south trying to restore peace at the end you might follow in the foot-steps of Sam Mthembu without achieving your goal to strengthen dictatorship.

As the media and the police service let’s work towards restoring peace Sir by promoting democracy through a political dialogue, not a war.

Your Sincerely 

Zweli Martin Dlamini

Swaziland News editor.

EDITOR WRITES OPEN LETTER:Dear Deputy National Commissioner Richard Mngometulu.
A protestor injured during the June 2021 political unrest