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FNB’s E1miliion donation for government to fight Coronavirus

Monday, 30th March, 2020

Lizzie Nkosi, the Minister of Health disclosed  during a press conference on Monday afternoon that the First National Bank (FNB) has donated  E1 million to help the country in the fight against coronavirus. 

 " I have just received good news that FNB has donated  E 1 million towards our fight against coronavirus.The money will help us in treating those who are in hospital and those who are in self isolation and treated at home. With the 9 cases that we had, 1 person has fully recovered,  5 are in hospital  while the remaining 3 patients  are being attended to by our medical teams at their respective homes"she said. 

The Minister also applauded the Financial Institution\'s kind gesture and revealed that the money will also be used in buying protective clothing for health care workers. She also thanked the Jack Ma Foundation in association with Ethiopian Airlines  for  providing them with equipment that will be used in the fight against the coronavirus .

FNB’s E1miliion donation for government to fight Coronavirus