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Inyatsi’s Michello Shakantu, a serious pandemic in this country.

Wednesday, 22nd June, 2022

Inyatsi Director Michello Shakantu remains a serious pandemic in this country, he is manipulating his business partner King Mswati’s absolute power in  grabbing businesses and tenders.

As a country, we need to understand that as we fight for democracy and or political power, there are people who are looting our resources so that by the time we achieved this, almost everything would be under their control.

One of these ‘Guptas’ is Michello Shakantu,we need international support to specifically deal with this corrupt businessman, an international investigation into allegations of money laundering by Michello must be considered.

We don’t have another country and therefore, if we allow Michello to mess-up with our resources, that would mean, we are fighting for nothing.

Government is financially struggling, no working equipment in schools and hospitals among others, but the Treasury Department continues to process payments for Inyatsi Construction while other companies are struggling to get paid.

As a result, despite the ongoing financial challenges in government, Mswati, Michello Shakantu and their families continue to live a lavish lifestyle with our resources.

This means this country has been completely captured by Michello Shakantu, his relationship with Mswati is now messing-up the business sector.

It’s important to conduct an investigation to ascertain the damage done by Michello Shakantu and his syndicate in our economy and he must be stopped, otherwise, Swazis might be ushered into the democratic dispensation with literally nothing in terms of resources.

Inyatsi’s Michello Shakantu, a serious pandemic in this country.
Inyatsi boss Michello Shakantu.