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It’s not safe to be rich in the land of the poor Your Majesty!

Tuesday, 21st June, 2022

Two days ago, I had a conversation with a multi-millionaire businessman, a Swazi based in South Africa.

In our conversation that lasted for about forty-five(45) minutes, the businessman was ‘lecturing’ me on why it’s not safe to be rich and neglect other people struggling in poverty, he said;

“Rich people have an obligation to assist those languishing in poverty to maintain peace and stability.I own many cars worth millions but I cannot safely drive those cars and enjoy myself kaKhoza because the people might attack me and demand money”.

The businessman said eradicating poverty and assisting the poor is not only a social obligation or an act of humanity but it enables those who are rich to live in peace, particularly in a society where the people have something to eat.

“It is for these reasons I might find myself sponsoring the Solidarity Forces because I don’t like what is happening at home. I am also a victim of this regime, they grabbed my properties and I am bitter,” said the businessman.

It should be noted that in the midst of this conversation, I was able to be ‘lectured’ and have better understanding on how eradicating poverty is part of fighting crime to maintain peace and political stability.

As journalists we learn everyday, sometimes through such engagements either with the poor, the rich or powerful people who share their life experiences.

Now, we are living in a country where members of the public always celebrate whenever a story of an attack by the Solidarity Forces is posted, this is an indication that they want Mswati’s regime removed.

It’s an indication that our society is changing, those in power must find solutions to the political challenges affecting this country, we don’t want to see Swazis losing their true identity and humility.

We have a beautiful country with a potential to become the Switzerland of Africa, our only problem is political leadership.

Mswati looted resources and forced people into poverty, now it’s not safe for him to survive in a country where about 70% of the population lives below the poverty line.

It’s not safe to be rich in the land of the poor Your Majesty!
King Mswati