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When a Prime Minister of terrorist regime brands freedom fighters ‘terrorists’.

Tuesday, 28th June, 2022

A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini attended an event at House  Number 43, Trelawney Park, KwaMagogo where members of the Africans National Congress(ANC) who were once branded as terrorists by the apartheid regime were hiding.

The PM confirmed that the country assisted the ANC in their fight for freedom and the recent statement of Head of Government, when read in its entire context, suggests that eSwatini was accommodating ‘terrorists’.

It is for these reasons, some of us who understand politics and or the political hypocrisy of this regime will never be afraid of being branded terrorists.

The word ‘terrorists’ was consistently used by the apartheid regime, at the end, that regime was forced to negotiate with the African National Congress(ANC).

One police officer asked me yesterday(Monday) during a private conversation if I am not afraid of being branded a terrorist by interviewing members of the Swaziland International Solidarity Force(SISF), it’s important to state on record that I am not.

Mswati’s Government is fully aware that these are Swazis genuinely calling for democratic reforms, Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini is trying to play politics with the hope that the international community will side with King Mswati.

As mentioned, the African National Congress(ANC) that is being praised by this cruel regime today was once branded as a terrorist entity but the calls for freedom never stopped.

Over one hundred(100) citizens were allegedly killed by Mswati’s forces and Government has been avoiding questions, issuing contradictory statements when questioned by the international media about the June 2021 massacre, all of a sudden, the PM links the killing of police officers to terrorism.

It should be noted that the PM, by declaring war against Swazis who are demanding democratic reforms, he is adding fuel to the escalating political crisis.

I have never seen a junior police officer or soldier being escorted, the PM will be sitting in his air-conditioned office issuing statements that incite violence in the country while officers get killed by angry Swazis who lost their relatives during the last year’s massacre.

Now that Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini has declared war against Swazis who are demanding democratic reforms, threatening to use the necessary force against ‘terrorists’, does he mean it is justified for ground forces who stand with the people to use the same force against security officers who kill civilians?

Terrorism is a serious crime that threatens peace and stability in the world, Government is branding protests in demand for democracy as terrorism to attract the attention of the international community and discredit the calls for democratic reforms.

After the June 2021 massacre, King Mswati’s police and soldiers were positioned as a serious threat to the lives of Swazis who hold different political views and the Government is not defending these Swazis.

Students Union President Colani Maseko was abducted by soldiers and subsequently tortured at a river next to Mswati’s Engabezweni Palace, no statement was issued by Government and the soldiers are walking free.

Violence should be condemned, as the media, we have been condemning it all these years,however, it seems violence and or killing of civilians in this country is regarded as a normal operation by Mswati’s police.

Personally, if I could see a Swazi police officer or soldier knocking on my door, I would defend my life first before posting on Twitter or Facebook that I am under siege.

This Government wants to create an impression that defending yourself from killers is terrorism.

Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini must listen to the audio where Jeffery Shabalala, the then Army Commander revealed a plot to assassinate a journalist and the reasons were stated clearly; writing critical articles about King Mswati.

After that audio, imagine if I could see Jeffery or soldiers surrounding my house, would I be wrong to call anyone who could save my life while trying other means to defend my life?

In conclusion, I would like to urge all Swazis to defend their lives from soldiers and police officers who continue to shoot and kill civilians, King Mswati is delaying the political dialogue because he wants more time to terrorize and silence Swazis. 

When a Prime Minister of terrorist regime brands freedom fighters ‘terrorists’.
Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini.