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Political arrogance is a curable ‘disease’ Mr Attorney General.

Monday, 4th July, 2022

Sifiso Khumalo, the Attorney General(AG) is one of the masterminds of the political oppression we are experiencing as a country.

When he advised Government and Mswati to take this Swaziland News to the High Court of South Africa, he thought, it would be easy, thinking we won’t afford to hire lawyers or Advocates to defend press freedom.

Unfortunately, he missed that ‘political penalty’ because the publication is still publishing critical articles.

After we exposed how Sifiso Khumalo accumulated wealth through alleged corrupt means by grabbing land from widows and orphans for his multi-million projects, the Attorney General(AG) opted to react with ‘anger’ by quickly writing a letter to Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini facilitating the declaration this publication and it’s editor as terrorists.

It should be noted that in the eyes of ‘Mangololo’, and or Mswati, it might seem Sifiso Khumalo has scored a goal and that the match is over.

As the political temperatures continue to rise, I would describe the declaration as a political penalty on extra-time and once the AG misses this one, the match might be over in favour of the pro-democracy movement.

It’s always easy for a dictatorship Government to declare an entity or a citizen with a different political view as a terrorist, let’s wait and see if the world will entertain a murderous regime and support it in suffocating the voice of the people.

Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo has missed many political penalties, he made numerous attempts to seek an extradition and used part of the budget worth millions to hire private investigators and lawyers,maybe he thought it would be easy.

The problem with AG Sifiso Khumalo is that he has been doing cruel things even to orphans and widows,knowing that police officers will provide him with security.

He is not aware that some police officers who provides him with security are complaining that is failing to even serve them with a cup of tea and lunch.

Khumalo is a Chief, in Swazi culture, even a visitor receives emahewu.

I would like to bring to the attention of the AG that if his own security complains about him, this means his political arrogance is easily curable.

The police officers who are escorting the Attorney General must know that they are protecting “oppression” that affects them as well.

Sifiso Khumalo knows that a political dialogue is the solution, but he always creates troubles for the State so that Government can release a budget to hire foreign lawyers and private investigators pretending to be fighting this publication yet its a looting strategy.

An investigation is ongoing to ascertain how much Sifiso Khumalo benefits from this through ‘kickbacks’.

Now that Swaziland News and its editor has been declared terrorists, Sifiso Khumalo might demand a budget from Government amounting to millions to hire lawyers to try and enforce the declaration in other countries, he is indeed a ‘mastermind’ of using the current political situation to his advantage.

But the main problem is that he thinks he is dealing with political toddlers, the calls for democratic reforms remain a people’s driven ‘agenda’ and eventually, it will succeed.

It’s part of the intelligence that Mr AG for a person to know what you intend to do before you even act, now we might see foreign lawyers cashing more millions trying to fight a losing battle and Sifiso Khumalo would be one of the beneficiaries.

When Sifiso Khumalo looks at the editor of this Swaziland News, he sees a multi-million project that he can use to make more money, claiming to be hiring lawyers and private investigators with an intention to protect King Mswati.

Sifiso Khumalo is lucky to serve a King who is easily misled, Mswati has been told numerous times by the AG that government will deal with publication but the political headache is intensifying while Sifiso Khumalo becomes more richer.

It’s simple, Mswati must surrender power to the people,otherwise, ‘masterminds’ like Sifiso Khumalo will turn his political frustration into ‘gold’ to enrich themselves.

Escorts are a huge frustration for Sifiso Khumalo because his lifestyle suggests that he commits adultery with married women at least once a week, he needs privacy. 

As mentioned, the AG is suffering from political arrogance but it is curable because when he goes to bed with those married women, he will be alone.

We might again need more “Ceces”, this time not for information gathering but for removing political arrogance from our society.

The calls for democratic reforms suggests that we must compromise and resolve our differences peacefully but, where necessary, we must find ways of curing political arrogance that delays our freedom.

Political arrogance is a curable ‘disease’ Mr Attorney General.
Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo.