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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxuamlo an idiot with an intellectual void.

Monday, 4th July, 2022

Mr Alpheous Nxumalo, you are such an idiot that has an intellectual void. 

Do you honestly think that the citizenry would be so naive to embrace such nonsense coming from an employee of the corrupt, dictatorial and worthless Government?

 “Government remains confident that the nation, in its entirety,”...my foot. 

By entirety, are you including me? 

Then you are sick in the head.I refuse to be governed by a Government of appointed drunkards. 

After all,who the hell are you in our lives? 

Not too long ago, you were a street beggar in Manzini and now you feel you can dictate terms to us. 

What Spokesperson can you be ? A tired and toothless bum like your twin, Percy Simelane, another exhausted grandfather who can hardly speak properly because of his weak jaws.

You speak of violence and atrocities as if you were not in the country when the security forces massacred and dismembered the body limbs of our people.

Or rather you belong to the camp that clapped hands when our people were thrown into fires, burnt alive?

By the way, you are not qualified to talk about violence because you resorted to it against  former Prime Minister Mr A.T. Dlamini at a restaurant in Manzini.

The old man had to run for his dear life. It is on record in the Swazi Observer, wherein the old man stated that, “ayiphili le chap beyifuna kungishaya”.

If you are the civilised citizen you want us to believe you are, why didn’t you take your matter to court? 

Watch out Prime Minister Cleopas, nawe utawukwenta nje, wamcosha.

By employing a clown with no qualifications, the Government’s ratings have dipped even further.

You write trash like, “Emaswati should, therefore, avoid to be guilty by association…” 

Besides the fact that it’s poorly constructed English, there is a need for you to undergo basic Spokesperson training. The international community you speak to cannot tolerate lesifanakalo sakho.  

You should have put the word “found” before the word “guilty”. Anyways, the whole sentence undermines the provisions of the Constitution which does not prescribe who to or not to associate with in its Section on Freedom of Association.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxuamlo an idiot with an intellectual void.
Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.