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3% HEADTEACHERS COLA: The sad story of my Zimbabwean maid who qualifies to be a teacher.

Friday, 8th July, 2022

One day, I had a chat with a Zimbabwean woman who was working for me as a maid on a part time basis.

She was almost in tears as she narrated how she arrived in South Africa after struggling to secure employment in her home country amid the struggle of life in the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The woman was a qualified teacher but poor political leadership in that country resulted to an economic meltdown and subsequently rendered highly regarded professions life teaching useless.

After hearing her sad story, my heart was touched, I remember adding two hundred Rands (R200,00) on top of the agreed amount for her cleaning services, she screamed with excitement “Praise God, thank you so much, may God bless you my brother, thank you so much”.

It should be noted that the political leadership crisis we are facing in some of the countries within the Southern African Development Community(SADC) that include Zimbabwe and Eswatini has undermined the dignity of the citizens.

Personally, I was almost in tears watching a teacher cleaning my house because I respect teachers and hold them in high regard, I still have memories of my Grade one(1) teacher.

I am journalist today knowing where to put a full stop(.) because of my teachers, what is happening to the teaching profession amid poverty of political leadership in some countries within the SADC region is very sad.

In Zimbabwe, teachers are underpaid, my former maid told me some receive around one thousand two hundred Rands(R1,200) per month, these are professionals who work tirelessly to produce all professionals in the world.

When the eSwatini Government opted to award the 3% Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA) only to Headteachers, the sad story of my former Zimbabwean maid who qualifies to be a teacher came into my mind. 

Like the Zimbabwean Government,King Mswati is working towards destroying the lives and dignity of teachers by underpaying them, the agenda is to destroy the entire education system because he fears that educated people might rebel against him.

The 3% Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA) is a systematic ‘bribe’ for Headteachers so that they can oppress teachers and discourage them from demanding their rights.

3% HEADTEACHERS COLA: The sad story of my Zimbabwean maid who qualifies to be a teacher.
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