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Power of journalism is grounded on credibility, public trust.

Wednesday, 13th July, 2022

Credibility, establishing and maintaining public trust remains the pillar of journalism whose primary objective is to act in the public interest. 

After realizing that they lacked public trust and credibility, State controlled journalists dedicated their energy trying to discredit the independent media without understanding that journalists who are bound to succeed are those who suffer and stand with the masses in difficult times.

The Michello-Shakantu media project that seeks to attack the independent media will not succeed because both Shakantu and his team of State journalists lack credibility and public trust.

Information is rated based on the credibility of the author, evidence that substantiates allegations and its source.

Perhaps one can make an example about anyone who desires to counter information that was published or broadcasted by CNN, he or she must consider getting a platform on BBC or Aljazeera because these media organizations are on the same level of competence.

The State journalists who desire to counter information that influences the calls for democratic reforms must first understand that journalism that influences change must be grounded on credibility and public trust.

Public trust once established, is maintained everyday, every hour and every minute.

Swazis who were born in the 1970s are now grandparents, the 80s and 90s are parents and the 2000s are primary, high school and University students.

This means the eSwatini population is now dominated by educated citizens with access to information through DSTVs, social media and other platforms

Any State journalist who thinks he or she can create a platform just to mislead the people will have a tough time.

Swazis who live in Matsapha and surrounding areas that include Logoba,Mathangeni, Ndzevane and Kwaluseni witnessed the June 2021 massacre and attended funerals of their relatives. 

Imagine if a State journalist would then write an article trying to defend the State, saying the brutality that was witnessed by the people never happened, that captured scribe would be ‘honoured ’ with only two(2) Facebook likes.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that the pillar of journalism is credibility and public trust, this is earned through hard work, integrity and the perseverance to act in the public interest.

Power of journalism is grounded on credibility, public trust.
Power of journalism is grounded on credibility, public trust.