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SELECT MANAGEMENT ‘SCAM’: MPs investigate money-lending companies who ‘rob’ workers.

Friday, 15th July, 2022

Thousands of workers are languishing in debts after politically connected money-lending companies like Select Management Services(SMS) imposed high interests and penalties on loans to generate more profits.

Perhaps, it is important to state that some employed Swazis are living in poverty in this country and this cannot be attributed to poor financial management on their part,it’s a systematic political arrangement meant to grab everything from the citizens’ pockets.

Money-lending companies like Select Management Services with alleged links to African Alliance where Mswati and his mother Ntombi Tfwala have alleged huge investments interests are robbing civil servants through questionable loans that take ‘forever’ to repay.

The debt crisis affecting civil servants including workers in the private sector is a product of the high level of poverty in this country, those who are privileged to be employed are forced to share the little salaries they earn with their relatives back home.

As they try to assist including sending their orphaned relatives to school, they end-up opting for loans trying to mitigate their financial burden only to sink deeper into poverty.

As a journalist who grew-up in poverty, I fully understand that if one family member is employed, almost all family members report their financial problems to him/her.

An ignorant person who doesn’t understand what it means for the working class to have over 700 000 citizens living in poverty, will conclude that the workers are in debts because of poor financial management on their part.

At times, that family member, if married, will have the burden to assist even relatives of his wife or husband.

All these these financial challenges are perpetrated by a dictator, King Mswati who oppresses the people by ensuring that his Government approves Gazettes allowing companies to pay workers peanuts as salaries.

The dictator is refusing to allow democratic reforms to create a political environment conducive for business and job creation.

It is very disturbing to note that Members of Parliament(MPs) who live with the people within the communities are fully aware of this plight but no efforts are made to try and mitigate the situation.

MPs must influence a law that seeks to stop money-lending companies from ‘robbing’ workers by imposing questionable interests or penalties, the current situation is affecting even the retail industry, buying power has declined drastically.

MPs who drive luxurious cars must remember the thousands of citizens who will soon struggle to afford even a loaf of bread, we need to address the debt crisis in this country.

Money-lending companies like Select Management Services, Letshego and other Shylocks must also demonstrate willingness to cancel some debts as part of a Debt Relief Program that seeks to address the current poverty situation.

Some of us who experienced poverty at a young age fully understand the pain of the thousands of citizens languishing in poverty and we will never keep quiet until the citizens are liberated both politically and economically.

In the meantime, while we speak about democracy and issues of a political dialogue, Parliament must address the issue of debt within the working class as a matter of urgency so that the citizens can have a financial breather.

In light of the aforementioned and in conclusion, it is of paramount importance to emphasize that Parliament must consider launching an investigation to ascertain if money-lending businesses are conducting their businesses in accordance with the law.

The terms of reference must also address or analyse how the intersection between political decisions to underpay workers by Government work to the advantage of money-lending companies as workers end-up being forced to secure loans.

The Directors, businesses links and political connections of some of these money-lending companies like Select must be known, Swazis are under siege in this country politically, socially and economically.

SELECT MANAGEMENT ‘SCAM’: MPs investigate money-lending companies who ‘rob’ workers.