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Dead COVID-19 patient confusion: Minister says she tested negative, Mayor sings different tone.

Thursday, 2nd April, 2020

MBABANE: The country was clouded with confusion after Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi revealed that a woman suspected to have died of coronavirus had tested negative despite sentiments of Ezulwini Mayor Bongile Mbingo who had earlier alleged that the patient was never tested.

The powerful and political connected Mayor from the ‘ruling’ Jesus Calls Worship Centre(JCWC) sent a message to journalist Lawrence Lukhele yesterday morning ordering him to delete a story suggesting that the patient died of coronavirus, she said authorities of the country were not happy with the article. Speaking to this Swaziland News yesterday, the Mayor confirmed that she was indeed sent by Labadzala(authorities) to warn the journalist that he risk being arrested for publishing the story,she further confirmed the messages where she alleged that the patient was not tested.   

“Good morning Laurence. I have been sent by authorities to ask you to change the headline of your story. The patient was not tested. I hope you shall cooperate” read a message sent by the political connected Mayor to the journalist.

But Lizzie Nkosi, the Minister of Health subsequently told journalists during a press conference yesterday afternoon that the patient had all the symptoms of coronavirus, however, she tested negative.

"She was admitted on the 29th March , she had difficulty in breathing, she showed symptoms that are similar to that of COVID 19. It is true that one of the nurses wanted to seclude herself because she was afraid to work with her. However, she was helped and isolated, treated and tested for COVID 19. So amongst the 16 results I'm announcing today is her results, she tested negative for COVID 19"said the Minister.


Dead COVID-19 patient confusion: Minister says she tested negative, Mayor sings different tone.
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