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SNAT President Mbongwa Dlamini demonstrated leadership, must be protected.

Thursday, 11th August, 2022

Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) exhibited leadership skills by advising teachers not to report to work on Monday and Tuesday amid State security threats.

On Wednesday, I was invited by the Executive Command of the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces(SISF) for an off-the record briefing and a decision to protect SNAT Mbongwa Dlamini was made.

I was also shown a picture of a soldier in charge of a State intelligence operation tasked with tracking down Mbongwa with an intention to kill him.

It is not my responsibility to warn people not to touch Mbongwa, I have been raising awareness, urging police officers to refrain from killing citizens.

Perhaps, the soldier tracing Mbongwa is aware that he is being followed as well and is prepared to face the consequences of persecuting Mbongwa Dlamini, a highly regarded unionist.

After the off-the-record meeting yesterday (Wednesday), I received a call from Rise FM, a South African radio station, and I was requested to analyse the political situation in eSwatini, I did mention live on air that I had just returned from a meeting with the Solidarity Forces.

As a journalist, I have always maintained that I would meet or talk to all sources without any fear of being proscribed or declared a terrorist.

But, since I was advised not to reveal the identity of the soldier, I shall abide by the ethics of journalism and the legal framework regulating the protection of sources.

It is interesting to note that in this country, we now have another ‘military’ institution that protects civilians.

Even those who were instructed to facilitate the dismissal of the SNAT President for ensuring the safety of teachers are fully aware that it’s no longer safe to do so.

Mbongwa Dlamini is a great leader who prioritizes the safety of the teachers who elected him.

The SNAT President communicates with almost all journalists in the country without any prejudice, and he sometimes agrees to be interviewed by emerging online publications because he understands the importance of accountability of power.

For these reasons, as the independent media, we can assure him of our full support and safety, after all, one of our duties is to expose injustice.

We will investigate and expose the threats around his life because we believe he represents a good cause, and by advising teachers not to report for duty, he was not communicating that directive in his personal capacity.

SNAT President Mbongwa Dlamini demonstrated leadership, must be protected.
Mbongwa Dlamini