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Robert Kasaro must be removed as Eswatini Conference of Churches(ECC) President.

Sunday, 14th August, 2022

It is important for Swazis to understand why the church remains silent in the midst of the political crisis.

Bishop Robert Kasaro, the President of the Eswatini Conference of Churches(ECC) is husband of Mswati’s sister Princess Lindiwe.

Churches are governed and regulated within the Ministry of Home Affairs whose Minister is Princess Lindiwe, as a result,a husband and wife both related to Mswati, are controlling the collective voices of church bodies.

Furthermore,this means after the State capture that was masterminded at the Jesus Calls Worship Centre(JCWC), certain decisions about our country are decided at Kasaro’s bedroom.

Robert Kasaro is and was never a Bishop, he is a dangerous ‘mafia’ who co-ordinated a State capture, his church member Inyatsi Director Michello Shakantu, the husband of Justice Minister is now owning almost every giant business in the country.

Employees of these companies can’t seek legal redress for unfair labour practice because Shakantu, through his wife Justice Minister Pholile Shakantu, is controlling the judiciary.

Both Robert Kasaro and Michello Shakantu were very strategic in marrying members of the royal family, they subsequently captured strategic State institutions.

The church under the leadership of Robert Kasaro will never raise a voice against the injustice in this county despite the killing of civilians.

It should be noted that in this country, we have masterminds who are ruling this Kingdom using a remote control, they collude with Mswati to steal public resources.

I am trying very hard not to be xenophobic in this piece of writing but the fact remains that as a country, we are in serious trouble and the power to liberate this Kingdom is in our hands.

It is my duty as a journalist to provide or analyze this information so that citizens can understand why church bodies are silent in the midst of the political unrest.

The League of Churches is headed by Mswati’s loyalist Bishop Samson Hlatjwako who normally announces Good Friday Services on behalf of royalty and the Eswatini Conference of Churches(ECC) is led by Robert Kasaro, the husband to Home Affairs Minister Princess Lindiwe.

Pastors must first remove Robert Kasaro as the Conference of Churches President and elect a pro-democracy leader who will advocate for peace and justice in this country.

As the situation stands, the whole system of the church is controlled at the Palace and or the JC.

Kasaro and Michello Shakantu were so lucky to find a country ruled by a low minded King, they are running it with a remote control.

 Robert Kasaro must be removed as Eswatini Conference of Churches(ECC) President.
JC Bishop Karaso.