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Compensate relatives of sugar-cane cutters, survivors in Mhlume bus accident.

Tuesday, 16th August, 2022

In this country, there’s a serious political crisis of violating workers rights with impunity.

As a result,relatives of the victims and the survivors of the Mhlume sugar-cane cutters bus accident might be sent from pillar to post when demanding their works-man compensation.

Recently, I received information suggesting that a company contracted to the Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation(RESC) owned by a Maziya businessman was paying sugar-cane cutters a mere twenty Rands(R20,00) per day.

It’s a pity that some Swazi businessmen who were privileged to be awarded tenders in politically connected companies like RESC, opted to underpay workers knowing that these employees would not afford the costs of taking legal action against them.

Now, another company whose sugar-cane cutters died in a bus accident might do the same, refuse to compensate the families of the deceased persons and the survivors.

Labour laws are very clear that employees who die or get injured in their line of duty must be compensated but in this country, ordinary employees like sugar-cane cutters might struggle to receive their compensation.

Trade unions are trying to advocate for workers rights but in a country ruled by a King who doubles as a businessman, the situation remains hostile for workers.

In conclusion, it is important to remind  D&S Investments to compensate the employees who were involved in a bus accident on Monday.

We hope even the Sincemphetelo Motor Vehicle Accident Fund(SMVAF) will conduct an investigation and provide compensation as well, the tendency of sending Swazis from pillar to post just to frustrate them when demanding compensation must stop.

Compensate relatives of sugar-cane cutters, survivors in Mhlume bus accident.
Sugar-cane cutters were involved in a car accident.