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MEDIA CAPTURE: It’s a battle for power and influence.

Tuesday, 16th August, 2022

Machawe Nxumalo, the then Times News editor has tried twice to establish an online publication but despite being backed by the regime with funds, all his media projects collapsed.

The former Channel Swazi Manager first tried to establish the Swazi Journal before grouping State journalists for another online project known as “Eswatini Bulletin”.

All these online publications collapsed in less than six(6)months and the State journalists went back to the Times and Observer.

Now, Nxumalo who once invaded the online space scandalizing ‘Zwemart’ while presenting himself and other State journalists as ‘real scribes’ knows that it’s not a joke to run an online publication, it is far different from being employed.

But it is not only Machawe Nxumalo, more State journalists are attempting to penetrate the online space but their greatest fear is competing with the Swaziland News whose following is now fast approaching two hundred and fifty thousand(250 000).

As a result, the State journalists who lost relevance after Swazis embraced the Swaziland News are plotting ways of tarnishing the image of ‘Zwemart’ to push him out of the ‘game’ so that they could emerge and be embraced by the audience.

A Coordinator from one of the reputable international media organizations sent me a piece of writing purported to be authored by me, where it is alleged that I called for the assassination of King Mswati.

A State journalist authored that piece of writing with an intention to influence a global media organization to take action against me, but those efforts failed because the author failed to fake my style of writing.

It is very important to state that my position about the future of King Mswati as a Head of State in this country is very clear, Mswati must be removed from power.

But despite my political opinion and position on Mswati’s future, captured journalists must relax and refrain from trying to fake my sentiments.

My style of writing cannot be faked by any State journalist and I told the Coordinator that I would not even entertain that ‘rubbish’.

She even laughed after I asked her to analyze my style of writing and that of the fake article.

The State journalist authored the fake article, under the byline “BY ZWELI MARTIN DLAMINI” and sent it to the reputable media organization with an intention of tarnishing my image.

But he was too shallow minded and couldn’t imitate my style of writing because,like singing, writing is a unique skill with identity and a ‘password’ that cannot be easily cracked.

It’s true that the power of influence has shifted from the traditional media to online publications, this did not come overnight but through hard-work, perseverance and dedication.

It’s a pity that State journalists don’t understand the cycle of nature in the context of skills, power and influence in society.

As a result, we are seeing Diego Maradonas and Jomo Sonos in the media who want to compete with Christiano Ronaldos and Lionel Messis, they are doing everything in their power to try and tackle new players hoping they would re-emerge and be influential.

Leadership suggests that as you grow older, you must transfer the skills to young people so that your legacy can continue, State journalists opted to sell the integrity of the media to Mswati.

In this country, the regime captured almost all journalists who were once trusted by the people, now those journalists, after being dumped by the masses who boycotted their newspapers think scandalizing “Zwemart” will help them regain popularity among the masses, it’s a nightmare.

The truth is; in every job there’s retirement, in the media we have Mkhulus who are fast approaching 60 years, they want to compete with young and energetic journalists and even go as far attempting to scandalize us.

Establishing and managing an online publication is not a joke, at times you sleep around 2am, writing ,editing and uploading articles, the Mkhulus and Gogos in the media who are busy scandalizing young journalists cannot survive that pressure.

In conclusion, let me make it clear that the online space is open, all State journalists are free to establish platforms, the audience will decide who to follow.

Therefore, scandalizing ‘Zwemart’ will not attract any following for Tinkhundla propaganda platforms, people want the truth.

The basic principle of journalism is to act in the public interest, State journalists must do just that and they will attract a huge following online.

The problem starts when these journalists establish online platforms, act in King Mswati’s interest and then expect the public to follow and embrace their platforms.

I fully understand that the campaign to tarnish my reputable is a battle for power and I will handle it well.

It’s over ten(10) years now since the State media started scandalizing me and I am not going down.

MEDIA CAPTURE: It’s a battle for power and influence.
Former Times News editor Machawe Nxumalo.