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Exclusive interview: Teacher who tested positive for Coronavirus recovered at Lubombo Hospital.

Tuesday, 7th April, 2020

MBABANE:Nkosingiphile Seyama, a teacher who tested positive for COVID-19 and subsequently disclosed his status, has fully recovered at the Lubombo Referral Hospital where he was admitted.

Speaking to this Swaziland News in an exclusive interview on Monday evening, the teacher said what helped him the most was to urgently seek medical attention by consulting a doctor after noticing the symptoms of the coronavirus.

“When I came back from Durban, I experienced some flue that I could have easily ignored. But because I was aware of the coronavirus and how dangerous it was, I took the initiative and went to hospital where I disclosed my travel history to the doctor. We made an appointment for testing and the results came back positive. What helped me the most was to be positive minded and urgently visit the testing centre” he said.

It has been disclosed that after receiving the medical treatment, Seyama’s results later came back negative, now he is ready to go home. 

Seyama said even thou he had recovered, he noticed that the country might have a problem if the number of people who require medical attention for the coronavirus could be huge and advised that government should ensure the availability of testing centres.

“We need the testing centres across the country so that all eMaswati can test. The question that we should be asking ourselves now is, who is negative. We must stop focusing on ‘who is positive’ so that we can know the real numbers and deal with this virus.  We are a small population and if we can know the exact numbers, it can be easy for us to deal with it” said the teacher.

He then advised eMaswati not to panic adding that those who happen to test positive should remain positive minded and not assume that he was the end.

“Take advices from government, wash your hands and maintain the social distancing because we do not want to find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to control the virus. I was treated well in this facility, but I can see that if the numbers could be huge, government will not be able to deal with the situation.So it is the responsibility of every Swati to be safe from this virus” he said. 

Reached for comments, Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Assocaition of Teachers(SNAT) praised Seyama for disclosing that he was positive and seek medical treatment to protect others.

“We know him as a very strong-man and we are happy that he has recovered” said the SNAT President.

Dlamini then thanked members of SNAT who supported Seyama when he was admitted at Lubombo Referral Hospital.

Exclusive interview: Teacher who tested positive for Coronavirus recovered at Lubombo Hospital.
Nkosingiphile Seyama