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Swazis might invade Palaces,remove King Mswati if SADC ‘romances’ him.

Friday, 19th August, 2022

King Mswati was never elected by the people and if the Southern African Development Community(SADC) continues to be diplomatic and ‘romance’ the dictator,Swazis might invade the Palaces and remove this corrupt and cruel tyrant.

It should be noted that the process of removing King Mswati from power is ongoing, we are waiting to see if he will shoot all the Swazis who will march to his Palaces because day-by-day, he loses popularity among the masses.

SADC must refrain from listening to the propaganda suggesting that Swazis love Mswati, if there’s a debate around this issue, the King must call a referendum as part of the dialogue process.

King Mswati allegedly unleashed his soldiers and the police to shoot and kill dozens of civilians, these are Swazis who were peacefully delivering petitions in the Tinkhundla centres.

After the massacre,Senator Themba Masuku, the then Acting Prime Minister who was among the Commanders of the massacre addressed the Nation during a press conference saying people can continue with their lives as things were normal.

It’s surprising that a regime can kill innocent people and thereafter, announce that things are normal as if the lives of massacred Swazis were valueless.

King Mswati later repeated his sentiments that incited a civil war by commanding his police officers to meet civilians “ eye for an eye”, in the eyes of the Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo, Mswati’s statements do not amount to terrorism.

Is it justified for a Head of State to utter such statements in a country where soldiers and the police killed over one hundred(100) citizens and injured nearly five hundred?

SADC, as a regional body that promotes peace and security among others, must speed-up the process and facilitate a political dialogue, what happened in Sri-Lanka might manifest in this country.

We can’t have a King who will force us into exile, kill innocent citizens, arrest pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs)but continue to live in peace in this country as if nothing has happened, NO, we won’t allow that.

The SADC panel of elders must understand that in terms of democratic principles, Mswati’s issue doesn’t exist because he was never elected by the people, he tarnished his already tainted reputation by killing innocent citizens.

After all, we don’t understand why he is still sitting on the Throne after killing dozens of civilians.

SADC must, as a matter of urgency set-up a Dialogue Committee that includes political leaders and pro-democracy MPs, the recommendations of the SADC Troika on eSwatini political crisis must be implemented. 

King Mswati cannot decide on our behalf on how we must conduct a process that seeks to liberate us because he is the oppressor who manufactured the current political upheaval.

Swazis might invade Palaces,remove King Mswati if SADC ‘romances’ him.
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