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State Intelligence Agency and the teaching profession.

Sunday, 21st August, 2022

It was a political blunder for Mswati’s Government to suppress the teaching profession and pump more money on security, having a quantity of incapacitated human resources within the State Security Agency(SSA) undermines national security.

A picture of Assistant Superintendent Jabulani Madlopha who was promoted by then National Commissioner Isaac Magagula after shooting teachers at the SNAT Centre, suggests that this country is ruled by people who don't understand the role of teachers in producing skilled officers for the Royal Eswatini Police Service(REPS).

As a result, Assistant Superintendent Madlopha was promoted after shooting professionals who taught him how to say “Thank You Sir”, Good Morning Sir” and “Good day Sir”.

In this country, teachers are being persecuted, the very same professionals who are expected to produce future police officers and State Intelligence security officials.

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills and this, is capacitated at primary, high school and subsequently, tertiary level.

In the context of State security, intelligence means the collection of information of military or political value in the interest of maintaining law, order, peace and stability.

It should be noted that teachers are skilled in identifying a child with the high level of intelligence, mentor that student and brighten his or her future.

I once spent six(6)hours with about twenty(20) members of Tingculungculu, the highest investigation unit of this country, these officers were unleashed to torture me for writing critical articles about Mswati.

It was an opportunity for me to read their minds and I concluded that this country has no Intelligence unit.

After skipping the country, the late Deputy Commissioner Sam Mthembu rushed to the Government immigration system to investigate my passport and verify if I was in eSwatini or South Africa.

Mthembu subsequently rushed to Pretoria Home Affairs offices in South Africa to trace me where he contracted COVID-19 and subsequently died.

A whole second-in-Command officer in charge of security tracing an investigator using immigration systems, in his shallow mind, he thought a journalist can just skip the country without conducting a security assessment.

To make matters worse,the eSwatini Home Affairs system cannot be trusted with accuracy due to network breakdowns.

It is important to state that almost all the members of the Tingculungculu Investigating Unit were promoted after shooting and killing people, they don’t have any investigation history.

The late Deputy National Commissioner Sam Mthembu was promoted after killing Sipho Jele for wearing a PUDEMO t-shit while Assistant Superintendent Jabulani Madlopha was promoted after shooting teachers at the SNAT Centre.

Under normal circumstances, teachers are supposed to be references, ‘approve’ and or provide testimonials for police officers before being transferred to the State Intelligence Agency.

Our teachers know our behavior at a tender age, unleashing police officers on teachers in the name of State security is a weapon of mass destruction to the future of this country.

This means those responsible for promotions must conduct an investigation and or do background checks to ascertain how the officer was performing both at primary and high school,was he/she a brilliant student who qualifies to be an intelligence officer?

But instead of empowering the teaching profession and embracing it as a stakeholder, Mswati’s Government is persecution teachers, SNAT President Mbongwa Dlamini was recently summoned by a low minded National Commissioner William Dlamini.

No professional in the entire world will ever be bigger than a teacher.

Intelligent professionals respect teachers as their mentors but leaders of this country are destroying education and prioritizes police and soldiers.

In this era of technology, who will capacitate future security officers with basic technological skills if teachers are persecuted?

Two days ago, a police intelligence officer was discussing with residents at Mpaka Shopping Centre saying;

”Nyalo sekulula kutfola Zwemart ngoba soyabonakala kuma events ema-political parties ayotsatsela tindzaba, siyamati imoto lahamba ngayo. Nyalo kufuneka sitfole tinkabi ngoba vele kumbopha ngale eSouth Africa kulukhuni abafuni naye(meaning: It’s now easy to get Zwemart because unlike before, he now attends events for political parties. We know the car he is driving and we can now hire killers because arresting him is difficult, South African authorities are refusing to hand him over)”.

But such sentiments suggest that we have officers in the State Security Agency(SSA) who, instead of sticking to their mandate as law enforcers, opt to participate in the killing of civilians.

Others are targeting teachers but later send their children to school to be taught by the very same professionals they are persecuting. 

We hope one day police officers will send their children to Ludzidzini Palace to be taught by their ‘Headmaster’ King Mswati, Swazis have been too lienient to State security officers.

As long as police officers are promoted or deployed to the State Intelligence by merely wearing Simohlwana, we will have a problem of security in this country.

State Intelligence Agency and the teaching profession.
The Police Headquarters.