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King Mswati’s political arrogance threatening peace and security in the SADC region.

Tuesday, 30th August, 2022

Heads of State within the Southern African Development Community(SADC) must understand that the deteriorating security situation in the Kingdom of eSwatini will affect neighboring countries and subsequently undermine peace and stability within the region.

Once civilians start exchanging guns, it will take time to disarm them even after democracy has been achieved, hence its always advisable to resolve political conflicts through a dialogue without any bloodshed.

It is political stupidity for Mswati to even think he can shoot and kill dozens of civilians merely for demanding democratic reforms and expect the situation to be normal in this country, it’s impossible.

Even if the Swazis could be silent for a few weeks, that doesn’t mean they have forgotten.

King Mswati was never elected to be a Head of State, his undemocratic Tinkhundla system of governance does not allow political parties to participate in elections.

Mswati has been unleashing his soldiers and the police to shoot University students merely for demanding allowances.

As a result, the King doesn’t have a future with the current generation because he planted a seed of violence among young people.

Now, the King is refusing to participate in a political dialogue claming the environment is not conducive, however, it continues to be conducive for Incwala, Buganu and Umhlanga.

It is this political hypocrisy that will see the security situation in this country deteriorating.

The conduct of the King suggests that he doesn’t take Swazis seriously, no wonder, he insulted the Swazis calling them dagga smokers merely for demanding democracy.

SADC leaders must take action against Mswati, he is a serious threat to peace and stability in the region.

A Head of State whose conduct forces civilians to take up arms must be dealt with even by the United Nations(UN), while the world advocates for peace, Mswati is urging the police meet protestors “eye for an eye”.

The King hopes that the eSwatini Government will then issue statements and blame “insurgents” when soldiers and the police continue with the killing civilians almost every week in this country.

Mswati knows that if he can release the incarcerated pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs)Bacede Mabuza, Mthandeni Dube and introduce a political dialogue, he can diffuse the political tension in the country.

But alas, he wants to prove a point that he is the King.

On the other hand, the people want to prove a point that Mswati cannot be bigger than the Nation.

As the situation stands, SADC must speed-up the process of facilitating the political dialogue and prevent a civil war in eSwatini.

It is in the interest of peace and stability to prevent conflicts before they manifest into an uncontrollable situation.

King Mswati’s political arrogance threatening peace and security in the SADC region.
His Majesty King Mswati III and other Heads of State at the 42nd Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government in Kinshasa, DRC(pic: Gov).