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SOUTH AFRICAN LAWYER BAN: Pro-democracy groups must lobby EFF leader Malema, other MPs to ban Mswati through a Parliament motion.

Thursday, 1st September, 2022

The decision by King Mswati to ban South African lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu from entering eSwatini should be an eye opener that the regime has gone mad beyond recovery, it is not ready to dialogue with the people.

It is important to analyze this ban in its entire context, Swazis elected their MPs to represent them in Parliament, King Mswati arrested them merely for demanding democratic reforms.

When the Swazis organized themselves and protested outside the High Court demanding the release of their incarcerated MPs, Mswati sent police officers to shoot and brutally disperse them.

Lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu who has been supporting the needy including victims of the massacre and went as far as Msunduza to address the MPs’ supporters who were dispersed at the High Court, has been banned by King Mswati from entering the Kingdom of eSwatini.

King Mswati, like all hypocrite politicians can talk about a dialogue and went on to speak a completely different language through actions.

Even though various political parties in South Africa expressed their support for the struggle for democracy in the Kingdom of eSwatini, pro-democracy leaders are failing to come-up with a strategy to deal with the regime instead of mere talking.

What is preventing the pro-democracy movement from lobbying South African MPs to ban Mswati, his Mother, children and loyalists from entering South Africa where they seek medical attention and own assets.

Julius Malema, the Commander-in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) has been vocal, supporting the struggle for the liberation of Swazis, he hardly concludes addressing the media in press conferences without expressing support for the liberation of Swazis.

But Julius Malema and other influential South Africans must support Swazis who are committed and express a desire to be liberated.

Recently, we shared a video of Democratic Alliance leader John Henry Steenhuisen who expressed support for the Swazi struggle and even shared strategies how to suffocate the regime,Steenhuisen said South Africa has trade influence over the Kingdom of eSwatini.

But apart from the trade influence, members of the royal family and Mswati’s loyalists are receiving medical treatment in South Africa, own assets and sometimes, they use the Oliver Tambo International Airport to travel to other countries.

What is preventing the pro-democracy movement from lobbying influential South African MPs to move a motion in Parliament and ban Mswati and his loyalists from entering South Africa?

Now, it’s even easier, they must use the Legal Notice issued by Mswati’s Government, banning South African lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu as a justification to sanction King Mswati and his loyalists.

We are getting worried when we see pro-democracy leaders being fooled by King Mswati that there would be a political dialogue in this country, the King is not ready to go down without a fight and pro-democracy leaders must know that.

King Mswati is arrogant but it is not difficult to deal with him, it’s just a matter of developing strategies to suffocate his regime.

What he did to lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu could be done to him and his loyalists so that he can realize that he committed political suicide.

Dictators take such cruel decisions knowing that the public and political activists will talk, release press statements for one, two, three days or maybe a week, thereafter, the matter will die a natural death. 

The African National Congress(ANC) cannot just deal with King Mswati because as a ruling party, their support for the Swazj struggle might be restricted by issues of diplomacy.

But it might be easier for the ANC Government to implement a Parliament resolution and take action against Mswati.

Therefore, the pro-democracy movement must use its network in South Africa,lobby influential MPs in that country and impose travel sanctions against Mswati and his loyalists.

Shouting “Viva Comrade” alone will never liberate eSwatini, pro-democracy leaders must develop a clear strategy on how to suffocate the regime.

SOUTH AFRICAN LAWYER BAN: Pro-democracy groups must lobby  EFF leader Malema, other MPs to ban Mswati through a Parliament motion.
King Mswati.