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A Head of State who assaults his wives cannot lead a country.

Sunday, 4th September, 2022

I was reading the Bible some other time and came across a verse stating clearly that in church and or the house of God, there were certain positions reserved exclusively for married men.

But the scripture didn’t end there, it suggested that the married man, before being entrusted with that position in church, an investigation must be conducted to ascertain if he was a good leader at home and taking care of his family.

It is not easy to manage a wife and administrate a family, perhaps God knew that anyone who successfully manages a family can be trusted with certain positions in church or other institutions.

As I continue to browse through the Holy Book, I came across another verse saying a born again married man who doesn’t take care of his family is worse than an unbeliever.

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever”(1 Timothy 5 verse 8).

It should be noted that this verse suggests that a married man who did not accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour is far better than a Christian who is not taking care of his family.

It is important to note that providing for a family is not merely about buying groceries but it includes providing leadership and protecting your own from any harm.

Now, in the context of King Mswati’s conduct who stands accused of assaulting his eMakhosikati(Queens),we need to ask ourselves that if this man cannot provide leadership at home or family level, how can he be trusted with leading a country?

As men either married or not, we sometimes go through serious interrogation from our wives or girlfriends when we have done something wrong but that doesn’t mean we must resort to violence and assault them.

King Mswati allegedly failed to answer a simple question when asked by Queen Sibonelo Mngomezulu(LaMbikiza) who wanted some clarity regarding the real father of Princess Sikhanyiso’s son Prince Phikolezwe.

A wife has the right to peacefully seek clarity from her husband on allegations that affect the integrity of her family, seeking that clarity will enable the wife to protect the image of the household from critics.

What King Mswati did to protestors who were peacefully delivering petitions in demand for democratic reforms is exactly what he is doing at family level.

Mswati allegedly unleashed soldiers and the police to assault, shoot and kill dozens of protesting civilians, he could have prevented the unrest by summoning leaders of the protestors and engage them in a political dialogue.

It is now clear that Mswati doesn’t understand that at family level he is not a Head of State and above the law, he even assaults his wives and this, disqualifies him from leading the country.

Even famous and powerful men are interrogated at family level if they have done something wrong and good leadership suggests that as a man,you must subject yourself to the principles of Family Law and account for your actions not to demonstrate power by assaulting a woman.

Mswati is failing to understand that the political power vested upon a Head of State is meant to protect the Nation and that’s why he is killing the citizens of this country trying demonstrate that he has all the powerful weapons.

Furthermore, Mswati is failing to understand that at family level, the power vested upon a man is meant to protect the family not to abuse a wife.

In light of the aforementioned and in conclusion, it is important for King Mswati to understand that he can be a King but he is still in power because of the support from his wives.

Women are powerful human beings Your Majesty, eMakhosikati can speed-up your downfall if you don’t change your conduct and continue abusing them.

It’s a pity that this country is ruled by a man who can’t handle simple family issues and or manage an interrogation in the bedroom but resort to violence.

As men, we are also interrogated in the bedrooms Your Majesty when we have done something wrong, solve your issues peacefully, don’t assault eMakhosikati.

 A Head of State who assaults his wives cannot lead a country.
King Mswati(inte pic).