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Mbabane Clinic doctor’s positive COVID-19 results exposes ‘JC’ Mayor, Minister’s lies on dead patient

Friday, 10th April, 2020

MBABANE:The Mbabane clinic doctor who tested positive to COVID-19 had attended to the dead coronavirus suspected patient whom Health Minister claimed she tested negative while Ezulwini Mayor Bongile Mbingo said the case was never tested. 

Last week Mbingo, the powerful Mayor from the ‘ruling’ Jesus Calls Worship Centre (JCWC) sent a message to journalist Lawrence Lukhele and ordered him to change a headline saying the patient was never tested, she claimed she was dent by the authorities of the country.

“Good morning Laurence. I have been sent by authorities to ask you to change the headline of your story. The patient was not tested. I hope you shall cooperate” read a message sent by the political connected Mayor to the journalist.

But Lizzie Nkosi, the Minister of Health subsequently told journalists during a press conference last week that the patient had all the symptoms of coronavirus, however, she tested negative.

"She was admitted on the 29 th March , she had difficulty in breathing, she showed symptoms that are similar to that of COVID 19. It is true that one of the nurses wanted to seclude herself because she was afraid to work with her. However, she was helped and isolated, treated and tested for COVID 19. So amongst the 16 results I\'m announcing today is her results, she tested negative for COVID 19"said the Minister.

However, few days after the sentiments of the Minister, Dr Mark Mills, the Director of the Clinic Group announced that Mbabane Private Clinic will temporally be closed after one of their doctors tested positive to coronavirus.

In a statement released on Thursday and seen by this Swaziland News, Mills said they decided to partially close the clinic to test all their staff members who were in contact with the doctor.

“One of our doctors at Mbabane Clinic Private hospital tested positive for COVID-19. The doctor developed a fever on Monday and was immediately tested and sent home. His test was received on Wednesday and was positive. The whole of last week he was wearing a face mask and at no time he had a cough. Therefore, it’s very unlikely he transmitted the virus to anyone. However, to be extra careful cautious we have partially closed the hospital for the Easter Weekend and tested all the staff and are in the process of a deep clean” said the Director in a statement.

Mbabane Clinic doctor’s positive COVID-19 results exposes ‘JC’ Mayor, Minister’s lies on dead patient
health Minister Lizzie Nkosi