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Even politicians serving the current system can lead in a democratic Government.

Saturday, 10th September, 2022

It’s important to clarify that  in a new democratic dispensation,we will not struggle with good leadership, after all,leadership is not about political affiliation during the fight for democracy.

Under the current Tinkhundla system, there are good leaders who can transform this country, the problem here is the Head of State King Mswati whose poor leadership style reduces even professionals to think according to his level of thinking.

Some Swazis normally ask me whether we will have good leaders once Mswati has been overthrown, the answer is yes.

Democracy allows equal participation in decision making structures.

As a result, even the Members of Parliament(MPs) of the current Government, Bucopho, Tindvuna teTinkhundla, Principal Secretaries, union leaders and members of the banned political parties are future leaders.

At times, when people see leaders of political parties exchanging heated words in online platforms,they think the struggle is ‘dead’, in a democratic dispensation, even a person who was known to be staunch supporters of the King will lead if the people decide to elect them.

Furthermore, you cannot discriminate a highly qualified individual and avoid hiring that person in the civil service just because he was working for the Tinkhundla system, under a democratic Government , your qualification will speak not political affiliation.

Even politicians serving the current system can lead in a democratic Government.
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