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I will not resign as editor, State propaganda journalists must relax.

Friday, 16th September, 2022

Alec Lushaba, the editor of the newly established State controlled Financial Times will learn the hard way that journalism must be enhanced by the highest level of intelligence.

The desperation by the State and controlled journalists to see ‘Zwemart’ or this publication fall has resulted to unnecessary speculation suggesting that I am resigning because donors dumped this publication.

After releasing that article, I received information suggesting that there was a celebration within some quarters, then this week, State editor Alec Lushaba came-up with an article suggesting that “Funders dump terrorist Zwemart”.

I am very careful in my writing not legitimize such speculations presented as facts.

Even if I was planning to resign temporarily to gain experience in the field of investigation, the reaction of the State proved the importance of this publication and therefore, public interest will always triumph my personal interests. 

In this regard, it is important to inform the Nation that I will not resign but will work as the editor of this publication until democracy is attained.

Therefore, those who celebrated must start wiping their tears of joy to give way to tears of sadness.

It is political cowardice of the highest order to conclude that this publication is funded or driven by foreign agents,this Swaziland News is driven and controlled by Swazis.

The Financial Times will be discredited again for writing a story suggesting that I am resigning without contacting me to get the facts and details.

I am not going anywhere and will continue to drive the agenda to enhance access to information as a critical tool to influence democratic reforms.

I will not resign as editor, State propaganda journalists must relax.
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