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REJECTED 4% INCREMENT FOR SECURITY OFFICERS: So Mswati’s Government prefers taking decisions at gun point?.

Tuesday, 25th October, 2022

State agents that include Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane were frequently visiting South Africa hunting this journalist,it was until they learned that I was interviewing  armed underground forces that their movements became limited.

Perhaps one would ask why and the answer is; they are now not sure whether they would come back alive or not after crossing the border to hunt human rights defenders and journalists.

Now, this Government is acting swiftly to resolve the salary increment for security officers because these officers are carrying guns and might overthrow it anytime.

Even though the four percent (4%)was  rejected by the Police Staff Association, Government will find ways to announce another offer because now, the demand for a salary increment comes from police officers and warders who are carrying guns.

As mentioned, by merely interviewing the Solidarity Forces who are now carrying guns, people like Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane are no longer sure whether it’s safe to hunt this journalist and political activists.

Journalists interact with many people who might not allow State agents to just hunt them with impunity.

Now, this government has found itself between a rock and a hard surface, armed solidarity forces are intensifying the struggle while armed security officers are demanding a salary increment.

Government will now choose between democratizing or temporarily ‘bribing’ the security officers with a salary increment with the hope that the country will remain secured.

We have been warning this Government that there would come a time when the security officers will realize that they were being made scapegoats.

Trade unions have been negotiating with Government peacefully but they were never entertained because they were not armed.

But now, armed officers are demanding their money and they will get it, Mswati’s Government must embrace a culture of peaceful negotiations instead of waiting to be reminded with guns.

While this Government negotiates with security officers for a salary increment, the underground forces are yet to cause a political headache by demanding a political dialogue through guns.

At the end, this Government will surrender, of course, this is a regime that understands gunshots not a political dialogue.

The Southern African Development Community(SADC) recommended a political dialogue but, Mswati and his  loyalists are waiting for gunshots at their doorsteps because that’s the language they understand and it’s very unfortunate.

 REJECTED 4% INCREMENT FOR SECURITY OFFICERS: So Mswati’s Government prefers taking decisions at gun point?.
King Mswati.