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TIMES REPORT ON MEN ENTERING ESWATINI WITH EXPLOSIVES: It’s a State propaganda to bomb political activists,blame foreign agents.

Wednesday, 26th October, 2022

The Times report that quoted the police confirming that five(5) men entered eSwatini with explosives, is actually a propaganda that seeks to shape public opinion as the State prepares to intensify the use of military explosives to bomb political activists and then blame foreign agents.

Perhaps, before, the State could have succeeded in disseminating such misinformation but now, there are independent media platforms that will investigate and monitor the motive behind the report.

This publication long reported that King Mswati issued an order to bomb political activists and their homes, due to the sensitivity of this matter, we even went as far as targeting and or gathering ‘intercepted’ cellphone conversations belonging to Ludzidzini Indvuna Themba Ginindza who confirmed that they were preparing a squad to bomb political activists.

The duty of the police is not to identify suspects with explosives and rush to the media, their responsibility is to arrest those alleged criminals and bring them before court.

Therefore, if it’s true that there are five(5) men who entered eSwatini with explosives, we want to see them appearing before court, charged with the violation of immigration laws and illegal possession of explosives among other charges.

Mswati and his loyalists think they can still mislead the people, some of us have vital information on what is happening and about to happen in this country.

In this regard, it is important to warn the Nation particularly political activists to stay vigilant, with this propaganda, Mswati is preparing to attack.

In fact, the regime could have long attacked, it was disturbed by such articles where we consistently expose it.

The bombing of PUDEMO's Mlungisi Makhanya and Penuel Malinga forms part of the State agenda to eliminate political activists.

As the State prepares to attack political activists and or human rights defenders, those responsible must know we are here and we will expose that.

The State agents who are conducting the ongoing bombings must know that after we expose them, their lives will never be the same.

King Mswati is refusing to participate in a political dialogue because he still believes he can use military weapons against civilians and succeed.

But, as he does that, he will attract the attention of the world and sympathizers of the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM) might end-up arming the underground forces with heavy weapons.

In conclusion, let me urge those who are very close to the King to warn him that what he intends to do, might take time to reverse.

A civil war takes years and it results to the unfortunate loss of lives and destruction of property.

At least the King bought private jets and can easily flee, those next to him might remain behind to face the Solidarity Forces.

TIMES REPORT ON MEN ENTERING ESWATINI WITH EXPLOSIVES: It’s a State propaganda to bomb political activists,blame foreign agents.
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