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Political problems cannot be solved by kungena eNhlambelweni Your Majesty!

Thursday, 3rd November, 2022

The challenges facing this country were triggered by poverty,Mswati and his loyalists looted almost everything and now, he is facing the wrath of hungry citizens including security officers.

But once again, in the midst of the ongoing crisis, Mswati will disappear into seclusion hoping that his ‘evil spirits will calm the political situation, restore peace and stability in the country.

While in seclusion, Mswati has established a team of over thirty(30) security officers who would be going around the country assassinating political leaders within the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM), the King believes by so doing,he would solve the situation.

The mere fact that we are now aware of the hit squad and their targets suggests  that some of Mswati’ plans are no longer a secret, the squad he trained might turn or be forced by circumstances to turn against him.

It is important to note that the police officers who invaded Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini’s home were trained by the State but now, they are turning against those in power because of poverty and or hunger.

Training hungry security officers to shoot other hungry citizens cannot be a long term strategy for the regime.

As the independent media, we will remind the officers consistently, who looted the money and upon receiving the correct information, the officers might turn against King Mswati.

The challenges facing this country need money to be distributed among the citizens,not military operations against civilians who are demanding democracy and equal access to State resources.

How can you rule a country where almost everyone is broke and poor?.

The cycle of poverty has now reached the point where even the State security officers are threatening the existence of Mswati’s regime.

The King has been warned several times to stop looting public funds, however, he continued and went as far as creating companies just to grab tenders from Swazi businesspeople.

Mswati has been competing with Swazis in business, getting paid for providing services through tenders and went on to benefit from the taxes paid by his competitors in business, that was the highest level of greediness.

Now, everyone is poor, except those who are close to Mswati, police officers, warders and soldiers are demanding a salary increment.

It’s true that Mswati’s Throne is shaking but if he could release the billions to be enjoyed not only by security officers but all citizens, maybe his Throne can breathe again.

But the problem is; this country is ruled by a low minded King, instead of surrendering power, releasing the billions he looted and introduce democratic reforms, he will rush to eNhlambelweni hoping that the problems would disappear.

Your Majesty, release the looted public funds amounting to billions and increase salaries for all civil servants.

The current challenges could be solved by two things, release the money you stole Your Majesty, surrender power and leave the Throne.

After hungry police officers invaded the home of Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini on Thursday, its just a matter of time before the hungry citizens invade the Palace and ‘eat’ you, Your Majesty.

When that time comes, which I believe it’s too close, even your hungry soldiers, warders and the police will join the citizens.

Its stupidity of the highest order to even believe that you can sustain the Throne in a country where over seven hundred thousand(700 000) citizens are hungry.

Political problems cannot be solved by kungena eNhlambelweni Your Majesty!
King Mswati.