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Popular MP Mduduzi Simelane warns: Nation might perish over Cabinet’s COVID-19 negligence

Tuesday, 21st April, 2020

LOBAMBA:Popular Member of Parliament (MP) Honorable Mduduzi Simelane has warned Cabinet that eSwatini Nation might soon perish as a result of government’s failure to take the COVID-19 seriously.

The sentiments of the Siphofaneni MP comes after Cabinet relaxed the lockdown allowing people to move freely, companies to resume business while coronavirus confirmed cases continue to rise with proven indications of local infections.

Speaking in the House of Parliament on Monday after a motion supported by Standing Order 58 was moved by Manzini South MP Thandi Nxumalo, Simelane said the country risk being isolated by the world once the ‘incubated’ virus starts hitting the Nation, he challenged Cabinet to produce scientific evidence that influenced the latest decision to relax the lockdown.

“What informed the decision for the current partial lockdown because it seems we have two ‘partial-lockdowns’. We have the one where public transport were not operating normally but that was later changed, what informed that decision? Is there any scientific proof to that effect because relaxing the lockdown might mean, we are not in danger but the numbers for confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to rise. When you analyze these figures against the population, the percentage is high” said the MP.

The MP wondered if Eswatini was ready to be boycotted by the world and labelled as a high-risk country adding that all countries imposed strict measures to control the virus.

“What will happen once this country becomes the pulpit of COVID-19 with eMaswati destroyed by this virus? Will other countries allow entry of eSwatini citizens? How are we going to survive once the world labels us as a high-risk country considering the way we are dealing with this virus?” the MP wondered.

The MP further questioned what government was doing to assist eMaswati who are locked in South Africa without food as the COVID-19 crisis intensify. 


Popular MP Mduduzi Simelane warns: Nation might perish over Cabinet’s COVID-19 negligence
Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi Simelane