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Where is the suspect busted with explosives affiliated to?

Wednesday, 9th November, 2022

It is part of military and or State intelligence to pretend as if they are arresting a suspect for underground activities,so that the alleged spy can receive coverage from the independent media, be trusted by the citizens and be branded a freedom fighter.

After reading the report by the Times suggesting that a man was busted with explosives,I contacted the female Commander of Sikhali Senkhululelo yemaSwati(SSS) and the Commander of the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces(SISF), both of them confirmed that their forces were safe.

In the front page report of the Times,a picture of a car purported to be transporting the suspect was seen being pushed allegedly,by residents of Mbhuleni, Matsapha.

It should be noted that as a journalist,I have been consistently communicating with almost all the underground forces including their Commanders, the question is;where is this arrested suspect busted with explosives affiliated to?.

An ‘attribution’ of the picture of the car allegedly ferrying the suspect suggests that journalists were on the ground taking pictures while the police effected the arrests,this is very strange.

It’s important to state that the captured eSwatini media has been over the years,used as a conduit and or an intelligence tool for King Mswati’s cruel and oppressive regime.

Soldiers and the police have been employed as undercover journalists in the various newsrooms.

One of them is Macpeace Maseko,a soldier who was based at Mdzimba Army Intelligence Barracks(MP2) but was working for the Swazi TV Outside Broadcasting(OB)Unit, covering royal events and Mswati’s trips with Qhawe Mamba.

Now, in the midst of the attacks on properties and political killings,the State is using the media to try and imply that the police are hard at work, arresting what Mswati’s Government describes as terrorists.

It is rare for the police to call journalists to cover their operations particularly where there is a possibility of shooting and or exchange of gunfire.

Furthermore, a scene where explosives are suspected to be hidden is normally visited or inspected by well-trained police officers from the “Bomb Disposal Unit” not the novices from Lukhozi.

Even if that was the case, in my over fifteen(15) years experience as a journalist, I have never seen the police allowing members of the public to come closer to an alleged crime scene with explosives.

It should be noted that the Police Executive Command is under pressure to be seen working in the eyes of King Mswati.

But in the midst of political pressure with rising political temperatures,the media must remain independent, credible and report exactly what is happening on the ground.

As a journalist, I am fully aware that Government and or the police deployed undercover police officers to rent flats at Mbikwakhe, Mbhuleni and surrounding areas.

These officers visit drinking spots and socialize with the people to try and collect information about the whereabouts of the underground forces.

So, it’s possible that the suspect who was caught at Mbhuleni is one of these security officers,they were acting for media coverage just to cloud the public opinion and penetrate the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM).

It all started with the circulation of an audio where an alleged white lady was alleging that certain people grabbed explosives at AG Thomas’ construction company, we did not publish that story because no one confirmed it.

The media must guard against legitimizing State intelligence operations by publishing unverified information, that the police have confirmed certain reports does not mean those reports are true, a journalist must go an ‘extra mile’ and verify.

As King Mswati’s Throne falls,the game of power is now played in the media gallery, hence journalists must remain credible and provide fair and accurate information to enable citizens to make informed decisions.

Where is the suspect busted with explosives affiliated to?
The Times reported that a suspect was busted with explosives(pic: Times).