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Army Commander Lieutenant General Mashikilisane Fakudze will fall, it’s just a matter of time

Saturday, 12th November, 2022

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mashikilisane Fakudze will fall, it’s just a matter of time.

The army Commander must know that Jeffery Shabalala whom we investigated and exposed was highly trained on intelligence but,he never knew that they were people investigating him.

I remember resigned cop Sergeant Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe suggesting that Shabalala must be killed before she skipped the country because he killed innocent civilians.

I told Shongwe to source information and leave the then Army Commander alive. 

Shabalala is still alive today because a journalist he wanted to kill advised that the then Army Commander must be allowed to enjoy the right to life.

In fact,I have many sources very close to Army Commander Mashikilisane, some who pledged to deal with him should the need arise.

Even soldiers are frustrated,some want democracy as of yesterday and they can do anything if instructed.

But as a journalist,my main interest is on information and I always try to warn those in power before things happen to avoid the loss of life and anarchy.

But because we are dealing with an arrogant regime, the killing of civilians continued resulting to anarchy and or disorder.

Mashikilisane and his close allies that include Brigadier Thembinkosi Mngometulu who was one of those commanding a unit that killed civilians during the political unrest,will eventually fall.

The Army Commander must know that the very same soldiers they are instructing to kill innocent civilians will, one day,turn the guns against them.

As the media, it is our duty to promote peace, stability and protect lives.

It is in this regard that I am warning Mashikilisane and his allies to stop what they are doing.

The situation in the country now suggests that Fakudze might not be lucky like Shabalala.

In fact,as a journalist who is well connected in the security forces,I get to know certain operations that are planned by security officers even before they are implemented.

Even before the State intelligence unit knew that warders had disappeared with guns, I was already in possession of a video, just waiting for the Correctional Services officers to cross the border before I could report.

I will not share what the aggrieved soldiers are planning against the Army Commander but he must know that as he plans to kill civilians, others within the army, are also planning to kill him before they reach Mswati.

I am writing this article in line with the principles of fairness so that Army Commander Lieutenant General Mashikilisane Fakudze could decide or choose between life and death.

I did the same when Correctional Services officers assaulted incarcerated Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube,warning them that something would happen and indeed it happened.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mashikilisane Fakudze and his allies must stop shooting and killing civilians, some soldiers are not happy about this and if it continues,we might receive disturbing reports from within the army.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mashikilisane Fakudze will fall, it’s just a matter of time
Army Commander Mashikilisane Fakudze.