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King Mswati will not survive this political volcano.

Thursday, 17th November, 2022

Geographically,in the world of politics,there are seasons that come with weather conditions,volcanoes and earthquakes.

As a result, politicians who survive the ever-changing dynamics of politics are those who are intelligent enough to read the political barometer,adapt and position themselves for survival in the midst of hot political temperatures.

King Mswati, perhaps due to stubbornness, was unable to understand that the eSwatini situation was like an active volcano that could erupt anytime and manifest into a political unrest,indeed it has erupted.

In this article,I have decided to use geographic writing to analyze the eSwatini political situation, there are many similarities between the conduct of Mswati, the dynamics of nature and how it drives the current situation.

It should be noted that a political earthquake normally triggers a political volcanic eruption.

But, volcanoes are only triggered into eruption if the earthquake happened at the time when they are already poised to erupt.

Now, in the context of the eSwatini political situation, Mswati looted public funds and this resulted to social and economic challenges.

Subsequently, the poverty situation resulted to citizens identifying the problem being Mswati,and started to revolt.

When members of the public delivered petitions in various Constituencies(Tinkhundla Centres), Mswati, if he was a wise leader, ought to have realised that a political earthquake was shaking his Throne.

But, the King was so arrogant and now, the political earthquake has triggered a political volcanic eruption, he can no-longer control the situation.

When a volcano erupts,settlers have no alternative, but to flee the eruption point for safety.

As the political volcano erupts in this tiny Kingdom with the lava and or magma slowly covering the country, Mswati will have an option to either flee or be ‘swallowed’ by the hot lava

 King Mswati will not survive this political volcano.
King Mswati