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Prince Sicalo must remember my message to King Mswati during our meeting.

Saturday, 26th November, 2022

Defense Principal Secretary Prince Sicalo knows exactly what we discussed during our private meeting that was attended by our Advocates some months ago, he must pass that message to his father Mswati to restore peace and stability in the country.

Unfortunately,I am not allowed to share or leak what we discussed because we both agreed and made a commitment not to go public about what transpired in that mediation meeting.

But I would like to urge Prince Sicalo to use his influence as a senior Prince and engage his father regarding what we discussed, it’s time to allow the people of this country to form their own Government and live in a democratic country.

After our mediation meeting with the  Defense Principal Secretary, perhaps he learnt that it’s possible to engage in a dialogue and discuss issues, it’s part of humanity.

Your Royal Highness, kindly pass my message to the King, it will save him from being forcefully dethroned because eventually, he will vacate the Throne

The King is in a better position to lead a political dialogue and be a Constitutional Monarch but as he continues to brutalize and kill civilians, his chances of surviving the political unrest are very slim.

Prince Sicalo must remember my message to King Mswati during our meeting.
King Mswati.