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POLITICAL CHANGE IS HERE: Businesspeople now coming out to disassociate themselves from Mswati.

Sunday, 4th December, 2022

Personally, I know Lincoln Motsa, the Director of Eswatini Ok Food as a hard-working businessman and was disturbed by his previous sentiments when addressing the King, “mine ngingu-mfana wakho Ngwenyama lobuke letitolo taka-Ok Foods”.

Perhaps, let me first declare that I got to know businessman Motsa after being introduced by the late Deputy Police Commissioner Vusi Masuku who was one of my mentors,his shops were selling print copies of this publication that was then banned by government.

It should be noted that with Mswati  grabbing shares and businesses everywhere, Motsa’s sentiments were understood by a reasonable reader that his shops were indeed linked to King Mswati.

Businesses should be neutral and above politics, perhaps that’s why Motsa’s companies became a legitimate target after his sentiments at Lozitha Royal Palace's  Mandvulo Hall.

It is highly commendable that some businesses are now realizing that having links with Mswati is risky, a business must have links with the people not a Head of State.

As he prepares to launch a new branch at Msunduza, businessman Lincoln Motsa must just establish links with members of community, employ residents and support charity in that area.

Without sounding xenophobic, it is worth mentioning that  in this country, we have a serious problem of Indians who are grabbing and taking over everything in the retail industry. 

Motsa is one of the few Swazis who managed to neutralize the influx of Indians but his alleged links with Mswati were a serious threat to his businesses because Mswati  is a public enemy.

Now, that Lincon Motsa has clarified that his businesses are not linked to Mswati, we hope action will speak louder than words.

We hope residents of Msunduza, some  who are members of political parties won’t be deprived employment opportunities because of their political affiliation.

As mentioned, businesses create jobs and enhance economic growth, they must be above politics and be a home to both the progressive and conservatives.

As the political temperatures continue to rise, we hope more businesses will come out and disassociate themselves from Mswati.

But that doesn’t mean businesses must declare support for political parties or anyone, companies must remain neutral, the least they can do is to support and contribute towards a political dialogue to create a conducive environment for their businesses.

POLITICAL CHANGE IS HERE: Businesspeople now coming out to disassociate themselves from Mswati.
Ok Foods Director Lincon Motsa.